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[Discussion] Will we get any nice Easter events for 2021 FOK?

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Posted on 2021-03-29 13:30:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

Can we get Dragon Max maybe? :D

Posted on 2021-03-29 14:06:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Its been a while since I looked up the Easter events

Usually because Easter is such an incredibly religious holiday - most businesses avoid it.
(While Christmas, on the other hand, has been totally commercialized)

here are the past Easter events (that I am surprised IGG even did):
*note that the word "Easter" does not appear in the announcements since 2015.

2021 - Sunday April 4 - Extra Mod stones: 100 instead of 50 + the regular 20 serpent stone Fragments and 350 Garnet fragments (no link as free lunch page is changed every week)
2020 - Saturday April 11 - Dragon Max
2019 - Sunday April 21 - Dragon Max
2018 - No special events - regular Elusive Blackbeard weekend
2017 - No special events - regular colorful clouds weekend
2016 - No special events - (regular) Crete siege, double drop and free lunch
2015 - gold credit giveaway 
2014 - No special events - they had a Hot sale, & free lunch on Easter but Easter is on a Sunday every year.
2013 we had a "return to the high seas" event all prizes were TPC
2012 we had a "grab the MO" event and 4exp
2011 we had "Mash the monsters" & 3xp & 1.5 Drop"
2010 they adjusted the High Level Lucky Eggs and sold Easter Gift Packs.
We also had "grab magnetic ore" event and 3xexp & 2x Drop
2009  we had: 2x Exp and Drops...and "Pirates Hunting" - kill Avenger pirate ships...
and charms were on sale for 600 IM
2008  - Smashing Easter eggs
2007 -  45 Double exp scroll given per server


so MAYBE  just MAYBE Fok will be nice and run the event!!??!!

- Ele