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[Discussion] [Solved] Questline broken again?

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Posted on 2021-02-06 16:35:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

GG IGG, questline broken once again, didn't join guild or anything, did the quest in London daily, not getting anything.

Posted on 2021-02-06 16:45:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

You can lock the thread, found out that it's fixed and you need to do Double Edged Sword quest to continue

Posted on 2021-02-06 19:14:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

For future information if someone should ever read this... the picture above shows "the story-line quest" which is the beginner story line.
at that point in the quest line(ie. #70) 2 quests open and you need to do both to advance in the story line.
Beginner Story line quest is located (Main tab > The story-line Quest > *quest name)
(*sorry I dont have any characters at that point right now so can not show you what #70 actually looks like)

It is Not related to the (London) Daily quests.
London daily is here (Daily tab > Request> Supply Officer's Request):

The guild bug happens if you join a guild before #46 in the Beginner Story Line (The story-line Quest).
- #46 asks you to choose a merchant alliance as part of the quest line  - the quest line just disappears if you have joined a guild (since you have to join a merchant alliance to join a guild).

There is NO way to fix this bug - Support does not help, quitting guild does not fix it, (probably because you would still be in a merchant alliance and there is no way to quit all merchant alliances; you can only transfer from one MA to another.)
 - You have to create a new character if this bug happens or level the hard way until you reach lvl 100 and are able to do the knights vigil quest lines.  But you will have lost/missed a lot of experience and profession points as the quest line gives extra.

Please read # 45 and/or #70 in the Beginner Quest line Guide for more info on any of the above.

- ele

locking thread as problem was figured out.