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[Discussion] [solved? No Reply] Need help to login on client

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Posted on 2021-01-13 18:04:33 | Show thread starter's posts only


I need help.

Impossible to connect to the client : "Inexistent account or wrong password. Please make sure the validity of your account, and carefully check the characters you entered, for example if the letters are capital or not".

Can you explain me please ?

I had created an account on "IGG"
- login : cont******
- password : *******
- nickname toto
---> on forum i'm displayed as "ToniConti" WTF???

On client i try "toto" or "ToniConti" or "cont*****" nothing works :(

Any help please ?

Posted on 2021-01-13 19:24:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello. Could you answer a few questions?

1. Is this a new account or an old one?
2. Can you login to[url=][/url]?
3. If you can, do you see your account name on the left side and do you see the amount of VC points and Credits?


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Posted on 2021-01-14 03:58:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

The IGG and the VC Forum nick names are not linked - they can be different names

and your forum nick name is not necessarily your VCO or IGG account name - it can also be different.
Click setting in the top right column of this page....
you get 1 forum nick name change per life of account.... so if you can not change your forum nick name , your forum nick name is very likely different from your VCO account name

if this is a new account:

After you create an IGG account, you then link/activate games on the account

When activating a game it asks you for a username per game.

Go to and login using email + password, then where is says "Welcome", there should be an "activate" link.
(see also #7 in this link IGG Customer Support Links; contact info  ...(about 3/4 of the way down in this thread).

[if you have an old account, but have not played in 6 months go to to re-activate your account]

after the "IGG Welcome,  screen"  then there is a screen where you can create a nick name... but I have not found that the nick name links to anything else... I tend to put descriptors of my accounts in the nick name such as "Planter" or "logger" or "junk alt#5"... which can (also) be done much much later ..or not at all.

what DSOFA is referring to above is an old bug that re appears from time to time and is shown in pictures in this thread:  
IGG Customer Support Links; contact info
it is #8 (about 3/4 of the way down in this thread) .. that thread also goes over a few other log in problems

- Ele