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[Discussion] How to link IGG With VC? - New accounts activation

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Posted on 2021-01-09 21:41:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

i made an IGG account... 
how do i log in to VC?

when i type my email and password it does not work.... 

so what is my User name and password then? or how do i get it?? 

Please help me 

am AFK will be back to see if anyone answered

Posted on 2021-01-10 09:11:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

When you log into the game first you choose what server you want to play on- FYI "Battle server" is not a regular server so DO NOT choose "Battle Server".

The next screen asks for ACCOUNT (ie. Username) and Password - NOT email

After you create an IGG account, you then link/activate games on the account

When activating a game it asks you for a username per game.

Go to and login using email + password, then where is says "Welcome", there should be an "activate" link.

[if you have an old account, but have not played in 6 months go to to re-activate your account]

after the "IGG Welcome,  screen"  then there is a screen where you can create a nick name... but I have not found that the nick name links to anything else... I tend to put descriptors of my accounts in the nick name such as "Planter" or "logger" or "junk alt#5"... which can (also) be done much much later ..or not at all.


synopsis of info taken from another thread from here

Posted on 2021-02-03 14:25:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello I'm having same welcome page there's no way to go to vco so have to back click were i was on vco. but then its blank for username . even my 2 old accounts don't work I used to have 4 accounts 1 planting about 2 mining.

Posted on 2021-02-03 15:02:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

*Note this first part of this post is talking about the web pages not the game*

unfortunately once you log in (to IGG from a vco web page) it "hijacks" you to the IGG account web pages even though you were on a vco webpage.. so for instance if you sign in for free lunch you literally have to click the back button 2x to get back to the free lunch page you started at.
The only page that doesn't do that is this forum - so I suggest book marking this page.  If you log in to this forum page it will also log you into the IGG sites.

But at least now VCO and IGG pages are connected to the same user/ login

and that Might be the problem? you need your old IGG account info not the vco info.
(IGG account and VCO game account info are often the same but might be different - depending if you changed emails or passwords in the past)

you can try

1) Account re-activation :
though this if supposedly for the game it might do something IDK

2) we have had a couple of reports where people could not access certain accounts after the re-programming of the log in.
If that is your situation contact support using the new account you created

unfortunately there is no IGG account activation or re-activation except contacting support.


If you are talking about getting into the game (not web site)

the game wants a username (not an email),  and a password

again click the activation link

if you still have problems you can try changing your password - but I would only do it 1x on one account to see if it did anything.

Password Change;
or (this address does not require logging in)

Depending on when you last played... we had a huge update a couple years ago which was basically a whole new game - so that might have cleared your old log in account names

Any character over about 4 yrs old is really not worth playing unless you had it maxed and/ or a lot of IM on that account...

new players get lots of extras to start... 140 is "starter equipment" after beginner and knights vigil quests are finished...145 and salvation equipment can be skipped using truncheon of king...


if you are still experiencing difficulties after that you can try contacting support;

though just as a general warning, there have been times when a characters info got deleted from the servers - but IGG just stalls until  30 days after it happened, or tells you its been too long already...then tells you it can't be recovered........ or ..... when an account got hacked and hackers changed passwords or worse took all items then deleted characters - IGG also won't be able to do anything for that.

- ele

Once you get all your information write it down - IGG account names, IGG password, Forum name, VCO usernames, VCO passwords, Character names on that account and which servers the characters are on... and then, stuff the list in your sock drawer in case you ever need it again.

*I haven't figured out where, if at all, the IGG nick name is used.


Posted on 2021-02-03 15:54:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

yes was about 6 years ago it was 149 level character so its not too bad had level 14 battle ship. thank you for links