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[Discussion] 180 ini - comments on the "fix"

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Posted on 2020-12-02 17:54:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

The main issue here isn't the instance difficulty.

Main issue is our characters not having the proper gear for it, and we don't have that due to several factors:
1. We didn't receive any new charms, apparatuses or beliefs ever since the Hurricane Island Mystery version.
2. Faith fusion is way too expensive, it requires like 100k IM points to get one belief done. Sickening.
3. We never received apparatus fusion.
4. Garnet fragments drop is too low and success rate is way to low to be able to max the gear.
5. Modification stone drop is way too low and success rate is way too low to max the general gear.
6. Fallen Star Shards are NOT available in game, so we cannot level our shards or even get the right stats on them.
7. Star Soul essences are not available in good enough amounts so our shards are severely underleveled.
8. Epic refines drop rates are too low and we cannot even obtain the +70 ones without IM.

I'm sure there are more problems, feel free to add more.


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Posted on 2020-12-02 20:24:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

Impressive how you can still twist this whole thing in a way it justifies FoK buffing the ini.

I really thought this time you couldn't come up with something. You gotta justify what you earn, I guess

Posted on 2020-12-02 21:03:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

for once i will agree with Goshawk. Yes instanse difficulty is a main issue, cause it shows the mentality there is. Everything hard and everything in low amounts cuase they think that they will make players spend more. Few manuals, modifications, lakes, gold medals, many IM-only items, basic stuff that are removed or not working as intented. Need to realise finaly that its not only for rich people or the ones that can get IM easy or for the ones that can play 24/7. As everyone said he just found a pathetic exchuse of an "invisible buff" to make instanse harder and the worse part is that you as a player back him up cause you get paid from them. Do you read what you type? 1-2-3 is IM realted stuff and we talk about stuff that can make the game normal again. Sea bg are years buged they refuse to fix, sea ini for some reason has buffs and also buged buffs on last bosses. they remove for a month and then 3-4 months are on (no logic behind that) and i can go on for hours here. Main point is they have messed with the code that badly cause of them being greedy that have f.... up a dam great game. All this bugs and problems are cause of all the stuff they try to mess with to make it harder and harder so that in their minds people by more IM. Thats all and nothing more

Posted on 2020-12-02 21:43:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

To be clear if you had fully maxed put divine star soul all generals red 20 170.1 sets you woulndt be able to clear this instance now. End of story. There is no room to grow to justify this in anyway possible.
Main core problem is that he gave us star soul last year which in chinese(where the instance was created) came after the 180 instance patch came so we are basicly much stronger bow because we already spent thousends of $$$ on star soul and shards. So he already did his milking there is no milking anymore now !

Posted on 2020-12-02 22:30:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Fok its just f*** you guys in ass, and want  ur money really  hard, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Thats how vco  just started be the worst game in new year, Just harder and harder spend more and spend more...

Ofc vco its online alot of time, but that just showing how this company and FOK are takign your all money, things what u cant do in vco:
-No Grind of Mod Stones,And Generals
-No Point of doing HI, cause  all  have ridicolus prices
- Palenque honors items, are expensive as hell
- 180 ini, even i was doing it witch AB alt  witch full start souls, and u cant do it witch whole team, its something wrong MADE BY FOK
-YOu should just leave the game, and  not buy IM, worst  thing that fok its lie all the time,Invisible BUFFS ! Ha! No way.

Or FOK just want you to leave, cause he dont want take care of vco anylonger, he is bored.

He build his  house,bought his Lambo, all  just from your money.

Posted on 2020-12-03 02:55:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

clear fok want money or close the game

Posted on 2020-12-03 03:23:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

VCO never shut down ,because the mobile game LM runs well ,so the cost of VCO is not high for us 
so we don't care the VCO income.

Posted on 2020-12-03 06:52:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

Anyone that continues to play VCO after that comment deserves what they get......

Posted on 2020-12-03 10:44:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear funofking, this community is NOT stupid. You cannot possibly make that statement and expect us to buy it.

Your words are saying one thing, but your actions are screaming money money money.
The fact that 90% of the end game gear and materials are locked behind paywall is enough of an evidence to prove you only care about VCO income.

Please do not insult us with such statements.


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Posted on 2020-12-03 12:32:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Funoking is right  though, mobile games make the big bucks, you misunderstood his caring because " oh if he want money,  he should listen to us" , wrong, this is a mobile mmo for the pc , more paywalls will get added,  so pay up or shut up

As long as their mobile game does well,  you can all go talk to the brick wall . Y'all gonna keep playing till the 14 year old server shuts down or your bodies shut down , while you trickle in a couple hundred here and there .

Vco is just dead weight , but they can't be bothered to cut it off,  so just let it sit their and let it do its thing  one day it'll go .