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[Discussion] [0.148] The Death of Yamato King - What's new? Report all of your findings here!

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Posted on 2020-11-24 20:04:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

With the introduction of the new expansion, The Death of Yamato King, we have gotten sparse information about the changes that were introduced.

Please use this thread to report new stuff you found while playing the newest expansion.
We will try to keep this post updated.


1. The Death of The Japanese King land exploration system
2. Higurashi land instance.
3. Level 175, 178, 180 and 180.1 land gear.
4. Nagasaki now features a suburb in which exploration points can be gathered.
5. Epic gear refines.
6. Player profession level cap has been increased to level 180.


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Posted on 2020-11-24 20:56:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

well,Taskmaster Rowan being buffed makes HI runs impossible for me now. I was running them easily,if slowly, until this patch. SO thanks for screwing us lower level players over

Posted on 2020-11-27 03:54:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

mallorca and crete last boss gives 1-2 tradeable moonstones :) is good

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Posted on 2020-11-28 09:02:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Where is palenq people?  What we have to do to get bgs?

Posted on 2020-11-30 02:29:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

guy next to the Tiger totem sell 148 gear

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