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[Discussion] FoK when will you add events we were supposed to have 4 years ago ???????

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I never said to close out the game. I said stop supporting this greedy company. The consequence of not buying IM is 3 outcomes:
-Nothing changes
-Some changes that would benefit the players
-Game closes

Out of these 3, the only consequence I wouldn't like is the first one.

All of your late posts DSofa are biased AF and scream total ignorance. "They dont even have the most basic support, let alone forum" .
I know people who play the game, I know how supports works there, do you? No, you do not.
Why does a forum matter? We have forum and does it do us (the players) any good? No. All I can see is a salty mod replying with ignorance.

If I said something against this forum rules just delete my message and dont even bother replying to me. Feel free to delete this post if it goes agaisnt the forum's rules.

Disclaimer: the way I feel towards DSofa isnt the same as I feel towards other forum mods.

It's because I like this game and because I didn't give up yet I come to the forum and express my opinion. Any game dies if the population only decreases. VCO isn't an attractive game to start from fresh so new players will be next to impossible to come by. 80% of the player base is unhappy. We lost many players who decided to go to BBO and it's only natural. If we keep the game as it is, there's no future DSofa. But who knows, maybe you will be happy playing VCO with 10 more friends of yours. I hope they have wallets big enough to keep the game running. Cheers.

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Ok let me explain...

1. Am here since beginning of the game and still am here (for now).

2. Am biggest supporter (IM - Money), and am for sure one of the rare remained still here as most of them left already.

If me, the veteran and the biggest IM user , my voice is not heard , then what newcomers are to expect ?

So many things so many tickets sent, so many questions and insights how to solve issues , how to improve things and result as usually ... silent , no actions...

For example, very stupid thing that to me has no relevance as bonus is minor, like bonus of the marriage that is not working never solved, then tank armor bug never solved , then labrinton battle ground never solved , then palenque every saturday bugged never solved, then euro ares team balance never solved, then  ... cmon dont want to continue as list will be infinite....
On the other hand yes, time is going to be spent and things are going to be solved regarding , cutting the drops form instances and placing them only to be able to purchase in IM, drop rate lowered of almost everything, sucess rate of forges skills all lowered, every bug happened where people can farm silver or similar is addressed almost instantly and as before if continue will be infinite...

Draw the line, make sum and tell me then objectivity, if You can do so, what is the result ...

I think this is explaining what every one already knows and thinks ...

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As you can see another weekend no events boring nothing to do better not log at all this weekend ppl go play outside in nature...

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DSofa, tell us how forum help? :D you have free IM, but we? what we have? you "helped" realy few players about story line, and that help was something like "they are bugged at seville docker".. lol you trying keep it like plus for vco agains bbo lol VCO  is one of the worst played games.Normaly after 2010 games like that ware closed idk why it is still open. We stay here only becouse... we probably dont know why, is this good pvp? no! good pve? no! start for new players.. really? good servers? xdd   just shut up or present good arguments becouse from 10 years you looking like an idiot.

Posted on 2020-09-07 15:38:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

In DSOFA's defense.. the beginner story line is mostly my area.

(and this IS the VCO forum so yeah... guess which game will be represented in a better light in this forum... remember in the past when we had to edit out not just the name but the initials of the other game?? I'm surprised we can get away with as much as we do now.)

True we do tend to get "stuck at Seville docker" a lot after an update.
I am the one who tests (on test server) the beginner story-line (because even if they transfer our characters I am a lower level than DSOFA - so he tests the higher level stuff that he can - with out a strong team it can be rather difficult!)

The last update I was not even able to get that far ie. to Seville docker... (in the story-line) during the test server... so I never saw/experienced the "stuck"... yes they just ran/started the new update after fixing the part where i could not progress... I was not given the extra time to create another new character and run through the quest line.....
part of that reason is I have a 40+ hour a week job.. but pretty much we are just given 2 weeks to test and that is all we get... the new version is expected to go live with in a day or 2 after the test.

that being said as for helping....
I try to help the lower leveled players (though you will see DSOFA answer some of the more common questions especially that have answers posted here may times over the years)

I pretty much leave the technical (computer error) or higher level instance questions to DSOFA but I will often post something so that the person posting knows they are not being ignored and that D will come to the forums later and read.
Though you will see me post "run as administer" or other simple known fixes a lot.

Personally I stay because of the people in my guild...
I am/was interested in the new server... but I just do not have the time to devote to playing the game to level a new character and play the game as it is now taking hours and hours in instances farming.

oh and i did find their support link... I had to click "account" > Support... which is kind of an odd thing to click to find support
so maybe since some the other links next to "account" don't work D did not try it? IDK
though I will add if you are looking for a forum go to discord to get info on it... someone created one (though it is not an official Snail site).

- Ele

and now to bring the thread back on subject:
when will we get events that the other game has?

It's too depressing to answer that with my honest opinion.


Posted on 2020-09-08 05:05:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Xanthian, when me or others bring up BBO it's because we see them improving their service and taking a huge part of our playerbase with it. I still don't understand why you guys keep treating BBO as the big elephant in the room. It's not like you can prevent people from going there if you keep that topic out of the forum.

FoK should learn a few things from BBO. From a dead playerbase to real a option for those who are in 165-168 gear under. It's not that hard to see what's wrong with this game.

Like I stated before, I still come to this forum and post my opinion because I still care for this game. I hope one day we see a change in IGG's ways but my naive days are over. I tried to make threads suggesting stuff to help the progress ladder in the game, to bring 155-160 people close to the 170 patch content.
All of those threads got ignored by FoK.

Alx who is a big supporter of this game keeps asking for changes, not for his own benefit but for others. He also gets ignored by FoK.

Me and others got used to FoK's silence. What I can't stand is the obnoxious behaviour by DSofa. He keeps acting like everything's okay with the game and passing a wrong image to FoK. I know he's a forum mod but he's also a player. Maybe he's spending too much time on the test server, it would explain why he keeps AFK'ing in palenque.

Posted on 2020-09-08 12:59:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

1) why you guys keep treating BBO as the big elephant in the room.

Answer; BBO is a competing game - they are a RIVAL company.
I even had to argue for the continued existence of the off toipic (BBO+ china version postings) at one time.
    Not sure how to make it any more obvious that IGG does not want People talking about a rival game in their forums.... we get away with a small amount of BB0 talk only because no one from high up in IGG has visited the forums in a looong time.

The Discord channel was created to circumvent this. (as it is not owned by IGG)

but seriously you ask why you can not talk about a competing game in the IGG forums??
ok example time.... 
if you had a store the sells groceries... and a competitor not only moves to a building across the street but has a better relation to your food stock supplier.... would you allow that competitor to put ads or posters with customer praises for that competing company inside your building?? 

2) on DSOFA
he has is days... just like everybody else.
Led has been scarce lately do to his health... but I'm sure it will be my turn again (to be the point of complaints) after a while.
oh, ...and the test server is not up... he's probably just eating dinner or something. 

On your worry about "passing the wrong image to FOK" - what/which image?
maybe your are talking about posts DSOFA made in a different thread??
unless you meant image of BBO?  and you think that a better image of BBO would make FOK want to convince IGG to compete with BBO (hopefully by fixing stuff)??...
I'm pretty sure FOK has his own "image".. he can easily click BBO pages as I did recently.

What matters is FOK's bosses' image.... convincing them to allot the money (FOK time/ salary) to let him fix stuff. But they (his bosses) never visit here.

- ele

Posted on 2020-09-08 14:40:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

“What matters is FOK's bosses' image.... convincing them to allot the money (FOK time/ salary) to let him fix stuff. But they (his bosses) never visit here.“
You understand that all fixes and thing he could do to make this game 10x better then bbo are done in like 30min tops ? you do understand that ?

Posted on 2020-09-10 04:55:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

ok now the conversation is getting muddled...
Exactly what would you have me "stand up for"??   what is it you want me to say?
As I have already said IGG rarely if ever does what the players or mods suggest.
and what are you suggesting? List the fixes you are talking about.

Again FOK is not in charge of IGG  he is just another cog in the wheel so he does what his bosses tell him.
and you want FOK to change stuff with out permission from his bosses?

that is just so wrong in so many ways...

 ok im tired ..  GN