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[Discussion] [Solved] Can't login in VCO - CrashDump!!

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Posted on 2020-08-17 17:18:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys, 
I have a problem, as soon as I start the game I can enter my login data, but the character selection stops immediately with the following Error: 

- CrashDump.

I checked the system.log and see this!

"Scanning current directory
Loading modules...
Loaded 0
Initializing CORE...
User Rised Exception
D:\work\voyengine\03_³ÌÐò\´úÂ뱸·Ý\01_¾ÉÒýÇæ\Õýʽ°æ\Source\ENGINE\Sources\core.cpp line 380
no 'engine.ini' file

Object: CORE
FATAL EXCEPTION : System halted"

Any Ideas? 

I Re-Installed the Game for 2 Times.

I still checked my Drivers - But everything is okay.. 

Hope u can help. :)

Posted on 2020-08-18 04:29:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

Problem is already fixed ! #close

Posted on 2020-08-18 05:18:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Please let us know what the solution was so we can help others in the future.

- ele