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[Discussion] VCO Almanac - Should I try to make it?

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Posted on 2020-06-11 12:34:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

You can vote on Strawpoll, or commenting below the post :D

Posted on 2020-06-11 13:23:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

why if it exist?

Posted on 2020-06-11 14:48:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

If a version exists it is over 5 years old

I would think only parts of it need to be recreated...

probably what everyone is missing is the "interactive"  trading/ items in fashion feature.

I don't think we need the old info on ships...
and its been so long ... I do not remember all the features it had.

- Ele

did a bit of a search..
all i can find that Almanach had was

Drifters world map
excel - boss spawn calculator (old links are broken and spawn times have changed anyway)

there is no mention of any other features it had in this forum ... seems the last update to the almanach was in 2013...
thats when I tried to upload it and it broke the working version I had...

Flauschus was the name of the only person from the project who played our version....

I did find this site with a really old version: (might be buggy)
and  (let me know what version it is!)

as I said in a thread somewhere.... when I tried the last update for the program it broke my working version so I will not try to give anyone the file from my hard drive.

download at your own risk!!

- Ele

Posted on 2020-06-11 15:58:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

Last version was probably from 2010, that was before the Hurricane Island and profession were added to the game, I can just think how much time will it take to actually try to edit the whole code, from 2010, to 2020, a lot of stuff were added since then.

This version which is probably the only VCO Almanac we have to download, which was uploaded in 2012.

Posted on 2020-06-11 16:04:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

You can also still visit the old BBO Almanac download site, but the site is not working, I guess developers left the project and declined to use their site anymore or didn't pay for it.

Posted on 2020-06-12 14:14:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

My opinion is that its totally pointless to recreate Almanac.

There's piratescove, there's vco wiki, there's forum and neither one is fully complete. Starting another project like this doesn't bring anything new to the table. Especially an Almanac which you have to download and install on your PC (a big no no, even those that are not tech savvy know there's no way to truly know if it contains keylogger). Unless its going to have some unique systems which interface with the client (which is illegal), it doesn't add anything new. On top of that, you as a developer need to keep it updated and then push updates every once in a while. Once you leave, no one has access to its code, nor skills to continue updating it (unlike wikia). I'd say its definitely not worth the time and effort.

If you want to make something useful, work on updating the Wikia, or drop me a DM and we'll go trough ideas for piratescove.


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Posted on 2020-06-13 04:49:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

quick and usefull almanac for u 

For tanks :
1-) get a paypal account 
2-) ?
For hitters 
1-) get a paypal account 
2-) smart management for your stats 
3-) ?


RevengeXxX... Sadly
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