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[Discussion] Where to find loadable NECKLACE?

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I had to copy paste this to a new thread because the original thread got Hijacked
- Ele


I just returned to the game and got the news that the hunting event was removed from the game so there isn't any way to get those magnificent items that could grant 100+150 load(if using refiners), load that would be very good on an alt that needs to gather materials from the passes. I was thinking maybe funofking if you could introduce a way in the game to get this items?. Thanks in advance. Other players what do you think?
Thank you all.

- cristie23

Posted on 2020-05-31 14:19:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

First off....
no IDK where to get loadable necklace (which adds 100 load).
wind speed necklace will drop in colorful clouds... but not loadable.

Most creation skills are not used anymore except for a very few items
making a Freeze helmet, or lvl 14 or 15 Figurehead....
most items (uniform, weapons) are upgraded... and they require a lot of materials but most is drops from instances... and what old materials are required usually you have to do weeks in the mining, logging pass or fishing pass areas to get enough.

So you really do not need much regular metal, wood or plants... though yes to make lvl 11 and 12 you need at least 1 of each of the 4 levels below the lvl being created...

If you block off your spaces and only collect what you really need you definitely will not have a weight problem.
Though that being said this is my mining alt:
the way he is set up now if i leave him on overnight he is not even up to about 1/3 load.
collecting lvl 11 , lvl 12 , tungsten, fine iron (coal has to be collected separately at different stack as its non metal stack)
Honestly I do not even need the bracelets...  i just have them from long long ago.

Max load with this set up is 1599 (hat is 100 +24, w/ maxed spinach meals, 43/48 muscle promotion)
I am not using my chilling rings because i do not have them plus-ed
If i use the 140 rings my load is 1499
so when i get around to adding the pluses it will go to 1799... but i haven't really needed it.
(see below about pluses)

but if load is what you really want:

First max your old skill (skill tutor) secondary/sub skill muscle promotion.
just buy all the old skills then use Ability reward gold (10 IM each) to take them to 100 immediately... buy the secondary skill of muscle promotion for Timberfelling, mining, planting, bare-hand (though you may not want to max the muscle promotion as you only get 31 points to spend on the possible 36 for each old skill.. so be sure you check the other secondary skills as well)
For 100-120 see; Fast leveling old skills; general skill to 2040 + getting Rep for nobility

2nd go to the trade points exchanger in Barcelona and buy spinach meals (up to 400 load more)

If you are planting on a planting card (mining, fishing logging) most people wear the Master labor suit (load 260 and be up to +20?) and maybe the old lvl 10 trader hat (Financier hat) (load 100 up to +36?)

Planters should use the warehouse in the city they plant in so if ship fills it goes to warehouse (planting only).

You can also wear a Craftsman charm (100 load) or The Fashion mogul charm (100 load)
The Tibetan bracelet of baptized jade (treasure item) gives 200 load and you can wear 2.

by the time you are in 140 gear load is not usually the problem it is spaces.
The 140 Chilling finger ring gives you 150 load and you can add up to 150 additional to it. (and you get to wear 2). (use power crystal from trade points exchanger in Barcelona to add the 150)
Therefore, loadable ring which adds 50 load is not used anymore.

[so yes I suggest you do beginner quest line , Knights Vigil 1 and Knights vigil 2 with all alts so they get to lvl 140 and get the 140 stuff free... plus the lvl 11 raider with Navstar FH stones from quest line is helpful for load and speed.]

oh forgot to add if you can not make master labour suit... many old players can... just shout out in public chat... you may want to use a lucky stone (insure no failure) when it is made... but so you know, the stones cost 500 IM or/and are only available from 1 guild owned city.. and I never see them for sale in game.

and if you do fishing you will want a master labour suit for the sp regeneration otherwise your character will run out of sp unless you click potions.

- Ele

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thank you Ele

Posted on 2020-06-01 05:18:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Necklace with 50 load on,  drop Charlie and Cruz.  You can put 150 load + on top,  not sure if in your version they drop it too.

Posted on 2020-06-01 11:31:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Now I am interested in what Charlie and Cruz are dropping.. if its only 50 load...hmm  :getlost::)

I found and OLD OLD image of loadable necklace on my hard drive
dated July 2011

unfortunately the jewelry guide lost most all its pictures...
though the stats for the necklace are there (and its this same picture)  Ill put the pictures here:

- dropped from Glory Level Frigate
- dropped from Goteborg Honorable Level Frigate
- dropped from General Cruz
- dropped from General Charley Will
- dropped from John Hawkins
- dropped from Bartholomeus Roberts
(or at least it use to be long ago)


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