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[Discussion] 1s delay in Palenque, unplayable. Got dc, can't login back

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Posted on 2020-05-16 09:36:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

What is happening with this game. I go in palenque, all time lag. can't play, 5 minutes left I dc, get error tht I can't log back in. I want to log in to do something, my items disappear, 4-5 relogs required. don't tell me it's my internet.

Posted on 2020-05-16 18:30:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you read a few past threads on the subject you would know it is not the internet.
Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday the events (since February) , probably due to amount of people participating cause log in problems  and make lag even worse.

Even I who live relatively close to the servers ... trace a 30 ms delay yet in regular game I get 500+ delay...sometimes it goes green.. but usually not for long.

we (moderators and probably IGG by now) know most likely,  its the game and how it is programmed... since a server changed helped a little for some but not all
and we have all noticed the lag being random (in game)...  just re-log until you have a better connection

however since that can not be done during an event....
lag during event had ALWAYS been a problem.... it just got unmanageable about the First of February ...

Unfortunately IGG never tells us if they are working on it, because they do not want to get our hopes up...and they don't want to create an expected time frame to fix it, in case they can not...
so we just have to hope somebody is trying something....
and keep checking every few days.

- Ele

23:52 GMT/ 18:52 EST..  

oh and ill just add here
yeah i was in CRETE the beginner instance trying to get a few world ocean things filled..
went to 1 MS delay and screen FROZE
had to re-start game.
and could not start up game 1st try .. at first screen showing the web page news was not showing but went to the picture before I hit screen shot button

but now it loads ok

Posted on 2020-05-20 18:50:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Why make dopey new account to add more lag to game so you can complain of lag ?

Posted on 2020-05-20 22:20:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sorry? I have this account since 2008 or something like that. Why make dopey replies so you can spam the forum?

Posted on 2020-05-21 04:48:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ledhead has nothing better to do than act like an entitled child with troll comments and igg has nothing better to do than make someone post cryptic messages