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[Discussion] IM problem with new pirate event

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Posted on 2020-05-12 11:42:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Problem is if u buy 20k IM u only get 20k IM reward most games I have ever played has given me reward from 5k - 20k I could pick all reward bc how much is spent it really sad u put in ticket takes them 11days to even give u any of the reward u ask for how hard is it to send rewards to toon and if the belief not included in the 20k IM then to reply to ticket saying the 35 belief is not part of it would u like the 19999 reward it that easy simply ask the buyers what they want not drag it out 2 weeks who agrees with the reward of it should be 5k -20k buyer should be able pick from 20k down in all section if pay 20k or 20k+

Posted on 2020-05-12 12:43:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

The(New)Pirate King’s Treasure
event happens about every 2-3 weeks...

Not that I do not agree... but there is probably some silly reason behind the way they grant the player chosen rewards like a way of verifying prizes and amounts spent...
customer support is known not to be super intelligent, so they probably keep it simple... so there is no mistake for instance if you get the 550 blazing flame cannon or the 1100 blazing flame cannon.

Just wondering what is keeping you from breaking up your purchases?
Depends which 35 belief you wanted to amount of IM purchased so I wont use that for example but:
If you only want 550 cannon only buy 5,000 points that particular week.
Then 2 weeks later buy the 15,000 for the Gusi charm.

Also we know they had a problem with rewards this last event which is unusual... but the job probably got handed to a new person with no then they had 3x as much work having to verify what did or did not get sent to each event participant...

previous reward times have not been that bad...
and normally problems with paying customers who can afford the event** are usually taken care of relatively fast... but I am pretty sure the data verification killed them this time.
**The fastest response goes to the VIP customers  especially VIP 3.... which are usually the people who participate in the event. (contact support if you want to be VIP old page links do not work)

All that being said... I notice you are a new account so might be a new or old returning player...
and unfortunately knowing a lot of stuff pertaining to the game only comes with experience.  (and not just IM buying either)

- Ele