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[Discussion] [Solved] Storyline ends with #45-46 Merchant alliance Call (Guild join Bug)

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the storyline for two new alts ends with lvl 69. Anyone knows why?


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If this is the quest in which the storyline gets split into 2 quests, then you MUST go to london first then do the other quest

If you really want something, you gotta do everything in your power to achieve it and if that is not enough , then you gotta do what is required.
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They only have Kratos, Arena, Christmas, Master and Apprentice and London daily... :/

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What quest was it you last did??
... level means nothing because you might have spent time killing stuff or even mining or something so you level would be different.

Old account characters are prone to beginner story-line breaks because the story-line has been changed so many times over the years.
Also if you are using an old (made prior to 2016) character you may not be leveling as fast as you should.
and new character get many items to help level fast(see the beginner guide) as 140 is considered the "new beginning level".

open your voyage log (CTRL +F) and go through every tab to be sure but,
it should be located as in the picture - click 1, 2 & 3 to see all words on the right for the quest you are on!

This is why we ALWAYS SAY:

2016 - New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide

please refer to that guide and tell us what number quest and quest title you did when it broke...
with a new character i reached level 100 with quest # 67....
you should be level 60 by # 42
and level 80 buy #55
so... looking at guide.... I have no idea where it would break

possible? likely break points:

Due to high lag lately this one may take a while standing there... or you may need to relog?
43. Young Man's Identity
Just land on Genoa Dock and (you may have to wait a few seconds for task to complete)
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 1,600,000, 10 -  Critical Strike Shortbread
Reward (chat):  Prof Exp 18,000,000, 10 -  Critical Strike Shortbread

Report it to Forum and then to support if it breaks here (you literally get stuck on seville dock and can not sail off)
31. First Voyage
Talk to the Seville Docker.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 700,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 6,500,000
**** As of the March 29, 2016 Update*****
The Seville Docker will not talk to you or let you sail off
You need to enter the city then go back to the docker to complete the quest.
***As of May 6, 2016***
Since our last update March 28?, the quest line has broken 2 different times at this point.
Today as I write it is working again... so keep your fingers crossed.
*** June, 7, 2017  0.124 (Defence of Yizhou) Patch it broke here again.

Part of the instructions are missing and needed npc is off screen - so not really a break.
56. The Key to Pyramid
Kill Tomb Raider Leaders to get the key to the Pyramid then TALK TO Muhhamed Husni (to the FAR right of the entrance - he may be offscreen) click through his screens ( you get the "reward" from him)  then enter the pyramid.
As of August 22 2012 the key to the pyramid CAN be dropped if you get too many.

Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 2,300,000,  4 weapons exp 200,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 35,000,000,  4 weapons exp 200,000


You need to talk to Muhammed Husni he is to the right of the Pyramid entrance (1314, 1166)


You will have to contact support if the quest line is missing from your voyage log... but it is highly likely it is faster just to create a new character.

Make a new a character on a new account using a different email and trade by opening 2 game clients... you will want to probably at least trade the game coin though most everything else is bound at that low a level.


As advanced warning;
The most common break point is cut and past below but you should be about level 100 by then.

70. Dangerous Seduction
Give the Tavern Boss 100 Silver Coins.
Reward (Voyage Log):  Prof Exp 4,500,000
Reward (chat):  Prof Exp 50,000,000
Note: opens 2 quests Double Edged Sword and An Exclusive Offer.

**** WARNING *****

You MUST do London FIRST before Tripoli or the quest line will bug/ break and you will not be able to continue the quest-line! (*Caution* This may be different that the order they appear in the log book!)
Because of this, the quest numbers have been re-written (as of 9/7/16) to match the order you must do them in (and not necessarily the order they are in the voyage log).

71(a). An Exclusive Offer
Talk to Maihiwa in London.
click through all the screens that pop up then talk to him again.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 6,600,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 60,000,000

71(b). An Exclusive Offer (continued)
Give 1,500 Silver to Maihiwa.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 12,000,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 80,000,000

72(a). Double Edged Sword
Talk to Aleger (NPC actual name is; Arrigo) in Tripoli.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 6,500,000
Reward (chat): Prof Exp 50,000,000

You do not HAVE TO do this quest.  Leave it open if you want and clear it one day when you are near Tripoli.
72(b). Double Edged Sword (continued)
Go to Tripoli subs and collect 1 Jute and 1 Isatis root.and give them to  Alegar (Arrigo). Words in task description say 10 but you only need 1.

Reward (Voyage Log):  Prof Exp 12,000,000
Reward (chat):  Prof Exp 35,00000,000

Plants are hard to find in Tripoli suburbs (it is a desert after all)

Use the big overhead map, a  blue dot will appear when you get close to a plant.
mouse over the blue dot on the map to see what it is.

(old; Profession level 100 point)

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Last Quest was:

45. Depart
Take gold, (given to you), and talk to the Docker in Genoa.

Next quest would be:

46. Merchant Alliance's Call
Talk to the Merchant Alliance Officer (MA) of your alliance.

I think I found the solution. Both characters are member of a new guild. The guild and the characters were not in a Merchant alliance. Thats weird because you have to choose relative at the beginning. So I decided to "change" to a Merchant alliance. Now I have to wait two days. Than I will see if it worked. <3

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Thank you very much xanthian31. I will let you know if changing Merchant alliance will not help.

*Edit: Didnt helped. Support told me to leave and join guild again etc. Still no questline. -.-

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