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[Discussion] Squidward is locked! Time to move to BBO because IGG is unfair

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Posted on 2020-05-08 22:06:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

All thanks to the following fa**ots:

The legendary Squidward has been blocked. Ahh. What a sad story.

I reported them for bullying me through tickets, but they said there was something called normal game function. I guess game is much more like reality -> Weakness is a sin if you are not powerful and rich. Those who spend tons of money $$$ can make GM do whatever they want.

Ga*diators just love killing noobs in Crete event and Palenque. Now my account has been locked, you happy?

Posted on 2020-05-09 04:29:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

U are the one u bullying them always talking bad about them in PC. If u dont want to be killed at crete do not join. GL at BBO and if u come back to VCO u need to grow up a bit or not join events

Posted on 2020-05-09 09:21:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

love the drama

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2020-05-09 13:42:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

locking as he said his goodbye..

- Ele