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[Discussion] LAGGGGG

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HI There. Here is another video with my portobello run  check it out watch till end => End is most important  <=


Give me solutions IDEAS Anything to fix this crap LAG  i Can't play and i Wont play this game anymore if this LAG is not GETTING FIXED!  


I try everything Even VPN . Same result .  FOK   Game is really LAGGY    Find a solution and fix it .

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Posted on 2020-05-09 15:58:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

I've talked about this LONG time ago, when I actually cared about this game and wanted to play and was spending item mall ... but seemed I was over looked because I was the only one that had problems with it... And now with everyone having problems, I'm beginning to suspect it's the same thing...

Can you verify with me that, (helpful if you have a second monitor to see with alts)  when you lag, and tornado slash or do anything to cause movement (but you don't see anything happen on your main screen and) do you see anything happening on the alts screen?

Also when you lag, do a quick alt tab, and alt tab back to game and bring it back to focus.. Verify if that temporarily fixes it. (as in brings you out of that "lag";)

Also, Windows 7, Windows 10?
Be nice if anyone else could confirm if they're running Windows 7 if they're experiencing the same issue...

I never had this issue on Windows 7, untill I built a new computer and had to  upgrade to Windows 10... I'm wondering also if it could be a Windows Update causing issues.  Because at first it was ok, then I started having issues.. I was going crazy.  People thought I was crazy. They weren't having the same issues.. (but seems everyone does now, so who's crazy now :P lol jk)

What I'm gathering is, and it's pure speculation because I have no idea if other people have the same lag issue as me, with cell phone internet and still getting 90 ms latency (when it works), I still get these what appear to be "1 ms lag spikes the client reads" but you can clearly see my toon on the second monitor running around and doing everything that I'm telling it too, but on the main screen the character isn't doing anything.  And if i let it hang too long without Alt tabbing, and then bringing the game back into focus (to somehow "magically fix the 1ms lag spike";) I can get disconnected, but still in the meanwhile able to see movement on my alt on second monitor.. weird.

   I do not think it is a server issue, or anything (if everyones symptoms matches mine) but much rather a sever issue in the client itself. It's seems it's in the client.... Client client client... For me.

Just my two cents, and trying to help.  Luckily for me, I jumped off this games bandwagon a while ago and it doesn't really bother me because I don't care to play it anymore. Waste of time even if it works in my opinion.  It's a love hate relationship though admittably.. lol.
But if it could help anyone, to get a diagnosis of everyone if this works for them, then maybe it could be submitted for investigation. (assuming anyone cares... :P)


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I have a solution. Get divinity recast. Pull a group of 10 mobs each time and press SOS. From time to time you can add in a tornado just to be done faster. Tip: works best with divinity 5