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[Discussion] What do you think of support? Do you get help or suggestions for solutions?

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Posted on 2020-04-28 10:04:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Support just closes my ticket where I have had Lgg problems in the game for weeks although the problem has not yet been solved !!!!
Only the standard answer always comes, but nothing specific why I have such a problem with the account and for several weeks ..... so you certainly won't keep the players unless you get a reasonable plausible answer from you even for weeks.

that is a cheek


Posted on 2020-04-28 10:36:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

there is  no solution give the game to snail let them transfer all our accounts there and we can continue playing happily addicted

Posted on 2020-04-28 13:43:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

You have to realize support people are the lowest in the chain of employee hierarchy.
This is where people start out and do not stay long.
They have never actually played out game - and if they did play an IGG game they would probably play a phone game like most young people do, not one that takes away all their free time and ties them to their house/ residence.
they most likely are not even beginning programmers, nor is manipulating code part of their duties.
They are like most low rung employees, they do what their superiors tell them and do not take initiative.
So they are most likely just paraphrasing what their superiors told them.

So, as for support;
Its all in what kind of question or problem you have...

any in game - cant find or where to go question can be answered by forum

any transferring of items or item mall problems - support can do

any lag or program errors is where the problem lies.
IGG will not spend the money to put one programmer on one persons account (unless MAYBE they are a long time VIP 3 player)
If it is something that is affecting all players - then yes eventually when they get enough complaints they try something... like this lag lately, what ever they did seems to have helped about 1/2 the players so I'm sure they will now call it solved.

*this game has ALWAYS had lag problem during high usage times (winter holiday and beginning of summer).  Originally they tried to blame the internet connections, they even got rid of the the extra "security" in Florida and the routing of every signal through Amsterdam(?)... but when I do a ping test i get about 30 ms delay... yet game tells me 150-500 ms ... so obviously it is a game code problem.

IGG will not be hiring any programmers to re-code the game.  The game is extremely old and IGG has put their sales efforts on phone games.  Plus it might be a contract violation w/ snail if they did (IDK).
We are stuck with what we have.
VCO does not make enough $$$ for the management to really care about us... but it still makes enough for them to let the game stay running.

At least IGG lets you complain in public (to a point).
The other game doesn't even have a forum... they all have to come here for game help.

Were it not for the forum I am sure the lag issue would never have been addressed.


- Ele

Posted on 2020-04-29 08:50:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

so support cos this game is death and we need to say tnx to IGG to keep it alive? looooool.