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[Discussion] FOK fixed lag?

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Posted on 2020-04-26 09:57:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Since i love this game i want to help FOK. So everyone who has something negative to write under this post, save your time and do something with your life, ty.

Did FOK fix lag?
Past few days i tried to gather some information about the lag situation and found some interesting stuff. I am not sure if it can help FOK or not but i rather post it than do nothing and flame in forum.

I did Yizhou Instance after reset everyday, sometimes i lagged more sometimes less, sometimes scenes didnt load correct. Before FOK changed servers i was lagging, even if i didnt have to log on before instance (Account was ingame all night). After he said he changed server, i noticed if i dont log off the game and my char has no lag, there is no more lag for me the whole day.
Since than it was always laggy, after i relog, so i thought server still is bugged. But than i noticed that all my other chars that are logged in dont lag, only my main. 

I have not a good enough knowledge about connection between servers and players, but it seemd after some testing, that if i relog during the day, i get lag sometimes, but why sometimes and why only on one account?

So i just relogged the lagging account a few times and it stopped the lag. So my guess is, FOK fixed the server.

When you log in game and have no lag and your connection doesn't disconnect, you are good to go, but after you have to relog your connection chooses another way, that has a much higher Workload than your connection before. If you relog often enough, you might catch a way to server with lower workload, which means no lag for you anymore.

The Problem is, that you have to relog often in VCO, for bg's or other activities.

I asked other players on MMP, all told me the same thing after they relog a few times (or more :D) the lag stopped. So this should mean FOK fixed server?

My request to players is, can you pls try to relog 10x times after you lag and see if it works than! If so reply here so Fok can see this , eventually mod can mark this thread if i didnt talk complete nonsense!

If i am right FOK can stop fixing lag and fix Palenque.

Thank you fok for your work.

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We have had reports that it is often the main character that lags...
this is probably due to the amount of information linked to that character.
(remember the red bug)

but..Why would logging in 10 x change your connection....
maybe the internet provider program realizes you are a serious user after 10 logs?  I know some companies use to dc randomly after a certain time connected... and this would show you REALLY are using the connection??

I will give the 10x a try if I get lag but I suggest you do a internet connection check at the same time maybe when you first DC/ lag out... and then after the 10x.

- ele

Posted on 2020-04-26 13:17:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

I mean the route from player to server changes. 

In the Thread "[Discussion] LAG testing" you posted this picture

like you disconnect and than your provider sends you over another route to the vco server, and if you try a few times relogging he switches routes again to one with lower workload.

Just try it if you get lag and tell me afterwards, like i said it could also be total nonsense what i say.

Edit: What i forgot is, you said mainly Main accs lag because more data to load, but yesterday i posted on other thread that i  relogged to collect stuff from WH and after relog lag started, after around 8 relogs lag was gone. shouldnt be lag always there than, if it is because of data size?

Posted on 2020-04-27 01:07:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

I can confirm this, just additional notes: 
I always start new client, if I relog I experinece terrible lagg most of the times. I start new client, if lagg, i start new and so on, after a few try you get a "not laggy client". It is weird, i have no idea why is that. One more thing, i do not think it is related to international routes, it is server side issue, and not exactly related to "regular ping". I try explain, does not matter how good is your connection, 200ms-500ms, you can experience this terrible lagg with 150ms too, I use a program what choose the best international routes, it works good, it reduce my ping, but if I have "laggy client", it will still lagg, but the delay what program and game calculate is not increasing.
Last interesting examination, hope it can help FOK to fix it. Happened a few times, that one of my char lagg other not. When i was watching the "laggy char" with the "no lagg char" I experienced it reacts fast enough, so if i use skills on laggy one or move, it actually moves and use the skills, no delay. That means one thing, the communication issue is from the server to player side, so the server get the information. 
I am not expert on theese things, no idea how communication protocol and such works, just shared my experience, if it is helpful for anything.

Posted on 2020-04-27 01:44:04 | Show thread starter's posts only


is there some kind of script that server uses when you log in?

because what ben said basically means, server proccesses info right and sends it to all other players instantly but not yourself(the one playing)

Posted on 2020-04-27 12:29:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok guys , IGG changed to a bigger " better " , server so all the info now in game is just changed only by going through the " new " route .
 I do not know if IGG contracts out to rent space on servers - why is this important ? - .
 If they change servers it will change the ip of host and the routing .
 Why do mains lag ?
 Your main account has a HUGE packet of data points that often take longer than optimal to load and respond to . Although you may be stored both on your PC and the server , the " scripting " if CLEAN and with no conflicts to resolve (-causes lag not due to server but because game is screwed up -) , this script is what we call commands or command prompts .
It can simple navigation or it can involve a complicated algorithm in an instance . A huge reason it is not an " open game " but made of many instanced parts is the battle mechanics and other junk the game has to decide happens when you press a button , some of your info is sent to server and to keep from red bug , most all of your info is sent back after the core that stores VCO does the math etc. then coordinates with other commands so it SEEMS like we are actually all in same place making commands on our PC . Tons can go wrong now because the game although updated is not clean and has years of info and old scripts that almost always cause at least a glitch or some major bug , but most certain is they cause LAG . The server will refresh the data until the conflict is resolved , now this happens faster than you can think it. The trouble comes when multiple data packets are being held all to make it like you swung at same time as other and things happen . Even though one is in Florida and the other is in Singapore . Then data has to go through hops to be coordinated and sent on to your PC . Lag in this game can come from so many reasons and places , I am very happy I am not the guy being yelled at because we all hate it.

Posted on 2020-04-27 12:55:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Players install a "client" for the game on their computer and then connect to the game servers via an internet connection. ... That's where the game happens. Games with very large maps host a game world on multiple serversGame servers also regularly send customer data checking if the player is still online.

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Posted on 2020-04-28 00:12:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you, interesting history about multiplayer,  now I know more. 
Interesting part is memory usage of the game. It can go 600-700MB for me. At the moment i do not have any lagg, 3 char is on, and they use relatively low memory (177MB, 170MB, 93MB). I have seen in the past a lot variance when I checked task manager, so maybe that cause the problem, "bad, laggy client" probbaly use tons of memory, i will check task manager more often.

opened now a 4th and that happened:

Posted on 2020-04-28 23:42:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

i ve check also... about client...

now i useing 2 client.. and no lagg.. and task manager is...

eat less 300mb per client.. and no lagg..

when i have lagg..  eating over 650mb ram per client.

so server tecnical problem i think...

not sure till now.. i will check more time.