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[Discussion] Lag Problem today 18/04/2020 Magellan and MP

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Posted on 2020-04-18 15:15:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is an OLD thread
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what about lag problem and palanque stucks??

i got stuck for more than 2 hours but seems no one care and lag is infernal!!!

and please i dont accept answers like ''it's your provider problem please ''

Freeze game like 3-5 seconds..crash game...palanque stucks...

when come the day when we can play normal this game???

but seems this game is based only on IM events that become pay2win not free2play!!

good job mr FOK better post on forum when you leave this game...hope come one GM better than you...
you already fu**ed that game too much!!it's time to stop!
find a new job mate and leave this post to someone else!!

Posted on 2020-09-23 19:24:04 | Show thread starter's posts only