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[Discussion] About the curent situation and other problems

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Posted on 2020-04-18 00:03:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

hey players, mods, FOK and IGG,
in the past few weeks, or let it say since most of us are under lock-down, I noticed many things playing that game. 
First of all the login and lag problems.
Starting a client, sometimes there is an runtime error or those Chinese letters and I have to start a new one anyways...when I manage to log in game and the scene start loading there might be some things missing, for example npcs not there, inventory missing, generals are empty, connection is red red red...I give the game time to load, 2 minutes, when nothing appears or connection get yellow I just close the client....I wait a min or 2 till (its helpful having another char online so I can check when the char I try to log in goes off) then I start the next client...sometimes Im lucky and it works on the first client and sometimes I have to start 6 clients, after 10 clients I just give a damn, I have a lot patience but even that's to much for me,  the last time I counted it took me 11 clients to get 3 chars running. and sometimes it feels like I have to catch the perfect line to server, I know it my imagination but it feels like lol no stop, no red line, no corners just right thru and the game runs great...for some time at least.

In the beginning I thought its the OLD OLD chars having more lag problems, but since yesterday morning I changed my mind about it, its random, cuz in the past weeks, my main and Koldi were making problems and my girl was running smoothy mostly. yesterday morning I logged main and koldi at the first try and my girl took 6 clients to get her running.
another thing I noticed...Im from Germany, so best time for me to log in is in the morning hours, when I come home after work in the evening it takes much longer to get game running or nothing at all, expect I hit the green line in the first place ;)
when I managed to log in my chars and start playing, doing dailies for example, dont have much time for more atm, and I need to change scene, sometimes the scene loads up immediately sometimes it takes time up to 2 min, the most funniest thing is when all is invisible and I just pull or run my "ghost char" to the next scene lol...  after my experiences in the past weeks thats what the game needs atm....time to load...and thats why I appeal on ur Patience, I know most players dont have it, I have the perfect example sitting right next to me, most of u guys need to run thru everything to get all done in 2 hours for DDC... but thats not going to work atm... at least for some, maybe some of u dont have this problems at takes time, I dont know if its igg whos to blame for or just the whole situation atm cuz the internet is overloaded, im not an IT specalist. so prolly its a combination of both, cuz we had probs like this before and the net overloaded and that combi makes game sometimes unplayable. palenque for example...its laggy okay, but after u cannot sign till the next day and lost all the dailies and what else, thats definately IGG to blame for

And thats my words for IGG
get the game running again, fix the bugs, fix the problems, fix the many boxes u cannot open since months, fix the storylines, fix the whole damn game,  fix the mess u made in the past instead thinking about a patch to make more problems cuz thats all what will happen again and again and again, u will cause just more problems again !!!! Respect ur players and listen to ur players, many of us playing this game since beta still or starting short after, we still here and we deserve respect and support. cuz one day even the "addicted" ones will get tired of it and leave it, like many already did... when u dont care for our game anymore, when all u care for is IM that means money then its my personal advice to u, shut the game down, stop annoy the players just shut it down and leave it be!!!! cuz when its more annoying then fun playing a game its not worth keep on withit!!!
Well, nevertheless, its my experience, when I give the game time to load it works fine for me, its annoying but it works, sometimes when I change scene and there are no npcs or "doors" I just run away and back again and all is there, for example entering lisbon dock, none there, running to citygate and back,all showing up again, sometimes it cursed tho cuz all npcs are there just russell is missing and guess what, I wanna submit my silk lol, so I have to enter lisbon city and back out again to make him appear, I swear its personal lol.

So, to all who are having the same probs like I do, give it a try, be patient and give the game time...maybe it works better maybe it dont but its worth a try. I know many are angry and complaining a lot and u wont be able to run 1 master and 5 normal HI and this and that in 2 hours of ddc, so it will be less, but u dont risk losing anything while changing gear and game crashes for example, be patient, give it time!!!!!

Thats all I have to say for now, maybe I will add more when I find time again, have to get ready for work, have a good day all, stay safe and stay healthy

Posted on 2020-04-20 09:22:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice Post . Stay safe.