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[Discussion] Events un-playable

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Posted on 2020-04-12 13:46:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

just to document another experience....

ok so I tried doing Crete Sunday at 13:00...

Purposely ran nothing but 1 character on VCO and no other programs or browsers open.

I got in the event ok...
was on defending team ... collecting resources...
when I got back to flag to turn in resources I tried to open ship goods and I CRASHED with a C error.

I was able to quickly get back in game and I turned in resources and went to collect more...

when I went to leave the island - there was NO EXIT... seriously the portal was not there.

I should have just stood there and let the event finish but I ended up having to re-start my computer and of-course got kicked from the event (or perhaps it was over already)....
I now have 6 resources on my ship  lol

sry no pictures because i had to re-start computer so lost screens

yeah I to wonder why we try.

- Ele


Borded a Hurricane Island puppet ship.....

there were NO sailors... not mine or the opposing ships...
I could not even cut the ropes.... none of the attack areas were activated.

so I just stood and waited until my invisible sailors killed the other invisible sailors.

Sunday 14:00 EST/ 19:00 GMT