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[Discussion] No maintenance today April 7, 2020??

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nope... he is FoKing with us again coz he cannot be bothered with that crap.

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I would say be prepared for DC on some random day IF we did not have it.

I'm going to read back and see if i can find days and times...but this is the 2nd or 3rd time now that they announce it for Tuesday but do nothing... then just DC us later in the week.

- Ele

I have gone back about 1 1/2 months worth of reports...

Maintenance has been unpredictable since February... even if they put up the announcement.

Maintenance was skipped ( or at lease no one witnessed the servers going down); Feb 25, March 24, April 7, and was incredibly late on March 3 (server transfer).

IMHO -  a couple of ideas why;
I will hypothesize that because of a skeleton crew of workers tech is trying to only do maintenance every other week or so... but still keep up the weekly announcements so that during this time of overwork no one notices...
because they keep skipping they may be trying to do it other times
example; servers were up and down Thursday March 19 from 6:45- 8:45 .. after a no maintenance report on the 17th
they are just waiting for a session halted to happen;
Session Halted Thursday 3/5, after late maint. server change/ maybe no maint?
Session halted Wednsday 2/26 after no maint 2/25

Plus the fact people are just having problems with the game connection and getting into and staying in game anyway.
Personally I keep getting getting a C error and boot from game...

I have also noticed the DDC npc is still up and running...
Perhaps FOK doesn't want to have to reset him all the time, so he is waiting until wednesday or Thursday or Friday when ever he writes the news announcement about weekend events.
(you may notice the last announcement said Wednesday through Monday... probably in case the techs actually got around to maintenance and it would cancel out the npc) maybe? he will do a quick maintenance right before announcing the weekend events?

I do not think even IGG knows/ understands / can figure out what is going on lately.

- Ele

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They still are affected by quarantines and are not up to 100 % . I can't even say or speculate as I have lost contact with others in China because ,  " reasons " we can't discuss .
 But money is money and they can do some things remotely and can also think outside the box and TRY to do by remote things that would require , " TEC ON SITE " like the working at servers keyboard that for SECURITY and other reasons is not remote access .
 I think they try the best the can to survive . In my Country in my LIFE , I never have seen USA , " CLOSED " for business .. So try to imagine how everyone in other places stuck in houses are doing , and hope they get cash and food and pray or hope or wish they stay safe . This game maybe helps some , when it can work , stay sane , much like others .