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[Discussion] how to apply for VIP account?

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changed title of thread to what you are asking
contact support to begin a VIP account.    - Ele

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Cannot submit application

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First:  that page is for VIP

Those pages were un-activated years ago... they only keep them up for some general references... those pages were made when we had live support... and were slightly modified when we went to live support for vip only... and we lost that... 4, 5 years ago?

and I do not think they give out those in game privileges anymore
but the requirements for vip are still the same AFAIK

contact support if you want to be vip... they have to bind your account first.
IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info

the web address for the picture you show is not on that picture but it is:

- Ele

ps. how did you find that page... there are no links left from the forum or news pages are there??

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stuff for VIP are stil being given out, otherwise no market for Bottom Verse of  a Couplet.(yizhou third boss gives)
and yes need bound acc for that