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[Discussion] Tired of that lags and the unconcern of community.

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Posted on 2020-03-23 17:55:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok i have got enaught of that, really wtf is going on with this game, been playing it for a long time, yes with a few brakes, but every time i come back i see absolutely nothing changes since i started to play this game for the first time. Now this game is running more than 10 years and still we got bugs, lags and delays(and if someone gonna say that i need to improve my inet or pc, i been testing to run other different games on the same time even with vco client open, and guess what, absolutely no problems). Ok, now about the community, im really surprised that this game is still running and someone still spending money on it with that response from administration and community. For the past few weeks every week we got problems with palenque battlefield and there been made alot of topics about stuck, lost, bugged characters, and what we get in response? NOTHING. Also where is another events and alot of missing game stuff that we should have? Even now when there is that carantine for 2 weeks and alot of peoples stay at home there is nothing from community to support players, ah right we got DDC for extra 2 days, but even that was after they been asked for it. Why other communities can support their players with events or similar stuff? Also one of gaming communities(not going to write the name of it because of advertisement) is going to donate 10Millions $ to help with that virus. Im not saying that now everyone need to donate money to that, but atleast you can give a little support to your players who at the same time are your customers as alot of them spending tons of money to support community. If you cant fix big bugs, there is still alot of little things that can be improved and i am pretty sure if you improve or fix atleast that it will make players more reliable and happier.

Posted on 2020-03-24 02:39:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with you. In the past people got compensated and apologies from IGG when we get bad bugs. Now FoK and IGG dont care about us anymore. Especially FoK ignores almost all post and never compensates. He shouldve given us 1 week of DDC, he trolled us by giving 2 days before weekend DDC (weekend was alreqdy standard DDC). People should just boycott and stop logging in and force FoK and IGG to take this serious or just stop play permanently.

There will be similar game to VCO, being built already, but I wont spoil anything yet ;)

Posted on 2020-03-24 07:21:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

IGG is in CHINA and if you are alive and have a PC you must know of this PANDEMIC that has SHUT down the country . I am in USA and I have a STAY IN PLACE quarantine order and my wifes job , was CLOSED by state Government on emergency order.

 Yep things SUCK right now . But it is for everyone , not just a few.

Edit because I was stupid.

Posted on 2020-03-24 13:49:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Not to pick a fight Ledhed, but he said and summoned 10 years of his experience, and it kinda is the general vibe i get ingame, players are disappointed with the ways IGG is handling the game. Its bugs and bad lately, some players still spend with Item Mall enough for them to provide a good gaming experience, but it kinda looks the chose not to.

As for the Pandemic Virus, its worldwide and most countries are going emergency state and quarantines, but thats not the issue here, they should try to at least show up and talk to us. And if u think they cant, u need to see the big picture, IGG has a strong social presence, they post and answer daily to their mobile games community but in here u only get the odd ad or a Captain Jack metaphor… So yeah, some are disappointed to FOK work and IGG care for the customers.

Old player same drive
Posted on 2020-03-26 12:39:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Come on ledhed, these problems with the game and their extreme lack of any response or compensations or even any post from FoK or IGG, is not since the Corona outbreak. This issue with FoK and IGG is for many years now. You cant deny that. The pandemic has nothing to do with this.

Besides, FoK and IGG should be even more present and active with their community during the Pandemic, which has been EXTREMELY lacking. "I want you to stay healthy but okay i will give DDC" than continues to troll us with 2 days DDC and still no compensation for atleast month losses of palenque.

Posted on 2020-03-26 15:22:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

ledhed Posted on 2020-03-26 15:14:30    
I agree with you on most everything . But I am just trying to put it perspective and say NOW -this moment - is just not a great time to expect them to change things . Not that I can say ANYTIME would be . This game is not in the big earner pile and is old and lucky it has what the player base provides despite how we are treated . But I am stuck looking at this picture based on being with GAME and IGG for 11 plus years and have lived through all the up and down cycles and am aware of what has happened. At some other time when things for most everyone didn't really suck in real life , I doubt I even respond as I can no longer say , " things will improve " . I can only say , we have to try and make the best of it." . IS that so wrong ? For a game published in 2002 and still being used ?
 And we still have mods and we still work with IGG to try and get help although it takes much longer for all of us . I am lucky I still have years of contacts and when they can they try to push for more . But others I respect tell me straight no bullshit , " best make the best of it while it last " . I wish you guys could see post I made 8 years ago that almost look like a copy of your own . These are different times with different owners and a different staff and focus . WE are a legacy that helped create them , get them here . So we deserve / have EARNED some respect and I will never stop saying that .

 Just so you know , I care enough about the players and game , that I started a website to save the Navigator and enable Dsofa to put his huge brain ( :-)  ) to work , the website is going on 3 years old now and Dsofa tells me players use it often .
 I get NOTHING but the bills from it , but we felt we had to step up and do something to  fill a need , strictly for the players . please enjoy the tools and give us feedback .
 We are all in this together .