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[Discussion] Palenque Guide

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Posted on 2020-02-02 14:42:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

Lately I've seen a few players complaining about killing "Pakal" boss and instead of their team getting "6-0" flags it is the enemy team who gets it. Let me explaing why: the Pakal boss has 200kk HP and this means whichever team does more than 50% of the 200kk HP total (100kk HP) gets the buff. Knowing this, it DOES NOT matter which team does the last hit or whoever "gets aggro". If you come late to Pakal, the mob has only 80kk HP left, your purpose should be to kill all enemies and delay the killing of Pakal as much as possible because if the mob dies the enemies will get the buff.

Also, regarding the 2 team bosses you should NEVER use abilities which effect the bosses' Damage Reduction or Defense stats. Abilities such as: Power Slash (CP Ability), Penetrating Shot (TH Ability), Armor Rend (RMO Ability). Also keep in mind there's an Hydra Belief which lowers the target's Defense (Im forgetting the name, I might edit later and include the name) and there's also a Star Soul skill, Bullseye, which lowers the target's Defense and Damage Reduction when attacking in Kiss of The Holy Gun state. I think I covered it all, if I forgot anything please add it

Posted on 2020-02-02 20:04:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would add as well:

"mini bosses" next to flags:

There is 2 flags which have a mini boss defending them. One mini "boss" is part of red team one is part of blue team.

If u turn the flag next to them into their enemy colour (e.g red "mini" boss flag into blue) he will shoot the flag until its "dead" and turns into colour of his team again.

So when u take this flags u want to make sure that u kill the boss after.

Respawn of players:
Also if someone dies near a flag of his colour and then the flag change colour he will still respawn there, because its important for the respawn what is the next colour in the dead guys colour when he  DIES not when he respawns ;)

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