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[Discussion] BG treasures

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Posted on 2019-11-28 11:15:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd like to know why is it taking over 2 months to implement treasures drops in BG? Maybe Captain Jack had a bit too much of rum and forgot about this. Its okay, we forgive him

Posted on 2019-11-28 19:21:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

We were warned before Palanque patch that BG treasure will be delayed until we ensure Palanque BG works well.


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Posted on 2019-11-28 22:24:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Palenque has been running smoothly for 3-4 weeks already. There's only some issues related to palenque patch at Columbus server from what I've heard.

Posted on 2019-12-05 11:27:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

Any reason why it was delayed for another week?