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[Discussion] 106200 Item Mall Points

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just for my "friend" easymoney..... 35IM not 55 stop spread bullshit yourself :)

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ok so
Fallen Shards  (5 >15>30>60... 8 holes, 3 items @ 35 IM per Shard) =
24(5) + 24(15) +24(30) + 24(60) = 24(110) = 2,640 shards needed
@ 35 IM each =92,000 IM total or $ 5,060 USD??

*China VCO is 5>10>20>45

Essences TBD... ug

how many of them are we going to need?

Oh well, that's ok they lost my money at the shards.. as that is about 2.5+ times my monthly take home pay.

- Ele

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I bought a few just to test this system and that price you're quoting Ele, that's just for the base stats you get when purchasing shard. If you want specific stats (e.g. DB and parry instead of Dodge and Defense), you need to reroll each shard. Rerolling also costs star shards and from what I saw the chance of getting good stuff like DB and parry on the same roll is extremely low.

I think this right now is by far the worst system ever made. Worst money suck this game has ever received. Everything else was tolerable, but this here is simply unacceptable. Okay the Gu Si charm is 15k IM points, which is expensive as fuck, but with it, I at least knew what the hell I'm getting. Over here, in this system, I can spend 15k IM points and still not get the stats I want. This is nothing more than gambling, there should be laws against this kind of shit.

Shards need to be available in game and their price in IM has to be dropped. They are not getting my money either.


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Posted on 2019-11-14 06:43:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

I also boycott Fallen Shards are current Price :)

They price need to be maximum 16 IM ... perfect would be 8IM (explained already why). Also it should be available somewhere ingame ( some mobs with 2% droprate or Tiger totem for IGG treasure+ IGG prosperity or crete boxes 1% chance or whatever....).

Edit: in 1 year or so they could increase these droprates and decrease the IM price bit more  but for the start those IM prices and  some very low inagme droprate should be fine.

The New Forum is lets say "special"......