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[Discussion] [Bug report] Certain scenes in game were not updated which is causing errors

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Posted on 2019-10-17 21:23:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

There currently appears to be a problem where certain scenes weren't properly updated. This creates several issues.

If a character enters that scene, these things happen:

1. Character is unable to join to Palenque BG queue because the game doesn't recognize it so it thinks character has 0 chances left.
2. If a player applies to Palenque BG in scenes he can, but accepts the invite in the scene that wasn't updated, after joining the BG, it creates an error, not allowing the player to log back in.
3. Game doesn't recognize Palenque honor, so any honor character has prior to entering the scene will completely disappear.
4. Star Soul skills will completely disappear because the game doesn't recognize Star Soul system.
5. Pets are not releasable from the pets interface because the game doesn't recognize it. Whistles need to be pulled out and placed in inventory in order for it work. Reloging in such scenes might not even display pets in the pets interface at all.
6. New land and sea rank stats are not recognized so they do not add towards characters stats.
7. Items like Star Runes, Star Essences may disappear from characters inventory.

Some of the updated scenes:
All ports and cities, high seas, Sanctum, master HI

Scenes that weren't properly updated:
Crete city and offshore (in Crete event), Portobello port, suburb and instances, Yizhou and yizhou instance, Guild hall, Passport areas, HI elite and normal instances (levels 3,4,5,6)

In order to avoid problems until this gets fixed follow these rules:
- Keep your Palenque Honor in certificate form for as long as you can (don't right click the certificates).
- Avoiding taking any of the new items like Star Runes, Star Essences etc. into scenes that were not updated as they may disappear.
- Open Palenque daily chests in updated scenes and immediately store the items into bank.
- Do not do Star Soul transmuting.
- Do not change scenes after applying to Palenque. I had success in joining while applying in Sanctum. Had no problems logging in and back out. So Sanctum seems safe.
- Pull your pet whistles into your inventory if you want to use them in instances.


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Posted on 2019-10-18 03:54:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

It might be of relative importance but it seems pet system doesn't work also in passport areas ( at least timber one i tried )