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[Discussion] It’s time for results

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Posted on 2019-08-09 17:23:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

As usually the community is silenced by the mods. The community asked for proof, and it was delivered. The posts didn’t call out anyone specific (from myself or the other poster with evidence). What was posted from others, if violating forum rules, should have been removed but not the thread. The community asked for proof, the community saw the proof, now the community expects results! Chinese culture may be a big no no to accuse, but no one was accused, proof is there. We are past accusations, we are waiting for answers and solutions. Call it what you want but there are players quitting the game now and more will come soon if these “accusations” aren’t addressed soon. No reason to spend money on this game or play if others gain so much for little effort. If you care about the game like we do, you should be helping us get the solutions we all desire. Ticket after ticket had been sent, but the community needs to see and push. It can’t be just a handful of people sending tickets. We as a community need to push together if we was to save this game from the path it’s going on. Silence me, silence the next guy but until results happen, no one will stop. We care too much and have invested too much in this game to give up so easily.

Posted on 2019-08-09 17:26:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

You are like rosa parks and the staff is the driver and the cops

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was it off topic? i heard fun things about videos but alas not in forum anymore. was it on DD channel on

Posted on 2019-08-09 17:49:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sory later posts started naming names.... they became accusation threads so got moved.

you said; "What was posted from others, if violating forum rules, should have been removed but not the thread."

first this forum (the code) does not have a function to remove a specific post...
only option is to start banning people and then everything they have ever said is not readable to regular users... and I'm trying to be lenient.. as I understand everyone's anger... names sometimes slip out.

2nd, I will not edit a person's writing except for thread titles to make it easier for future forum searches or to hopefully get Fok's attention by putting specific words in a title.

I can not speak for the other mods but I do not think it is right for me to edit words in the body of a persons post.... the original meaning may get lost and quite frankly people get angry when we change their words (I did edit out swear words in the past only to get nasty pm's).

as for videos.... that is just a direct accusation of a player but held at another site.
Just watching something happen is not necessarily proof... there may be ways to buff that are unknown to many or the player may have a higher level items that are legal...
We mods do not have the access to the game servers and player information to check out what is actually happening in the videos and are not programmers to understand it anyway. (DSOFA excluded only for the programmer part)... Mods do not have access.


for future reference please read;
How to Properly report bug use and other cheats/hacks

I am locking this thread so it doesn't turn into a flame thread.

If you need clarification or have specific questions not answered in the linked thread:
How to Properly report bug use and other cheats/hacks

then please pm me personally so I can edit in a better explanation to that thread.

- Ele

oh and as for concrete proof.... ask any lawyer about that.... you have evidence not proof.
Proof is decided by IGG if they ever decide to look at it... and unfortunately it is not a liberal court of law open to the public... so you and I both can do nothing more at this point but sit and ..well... hope. 
More reporting will probably just anger those who have to do the research and maybe help make the decision on your evidence.

all the threads on this specific player who is accused of cabin use are in the moderator section where any IGG employee can see them.

I understand people are upset... but I have to remind you this is not the first time IGG has not taken any viewable action on a player or situation like this.  And yes, players have in the past quit this game over situations like this... so this is nothing new.



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