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[Discussion] End of VCO????

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No it wont be, it is just the first bug that you encounter which other players use .... there were many bugs which were ingame for a long time eg HI chest bug, gear dublication ... literlly noone got banned for those, you will see this bug will just get fixed one day and the people who used it wont get banned and some day , there will be another bug that will be abused....

Just wait and stop spam forum and public, this wont change anything, send a ticket and wait, game wont die of thhis bug

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I can smell vikings who are good at nothing using cabins and buy masks when im not near vco thats how low the faith in cabins to be fixed has gone

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I must be insane , because I keep doing the same thing for same issue , all the time and YOU GUYS NEVER LISTEN , but complain anyway.

 Look this is SIMPLE . Here you have a game FORUM and yes "cheats and suspected cheats " have ALWAYS for 11 years been a , " TOPIC " . Sometime you are right and we have cheaters or exploits used and WHEN YOU LISTEN - Mods and admin and tecs also listen . We have seen generations of cheaters pass through and go on . We have also seen you make BAD claims that prove false , because you do not understand the game mechanic some guys learn and do not share as in the past was done .

NAME AND SHAME is never allowed on forum , players are not guilty until proof is given to IGG tec in control of THE GAME , the FORUM is for posting and TICKETS sent to IGG are for in game PROBLEMS , such as cheating and other IN GAME problems .

The staff plays also and we all hate cheats as it ruins the game . WE all have proven this for years by being on top of cheats waaaaay before you post . You can't see mod zone but this is our MAIN source of topics . 
MODS and ADMIN can't do anything more than YOU can do and in fact YOU may have better info or screens etc. DO NOT WASTE TIME SHOWING FORUM as you need REPORT abuse to IGG , NOT the forum .

Forum trouble report to forum staff .
GAME trouble REPORT TO IGG STAFF , on forum we can discuss the problem only and with limits but not SOLVE anything. 

NOTE in case you missed it , WE HATE CHEATS and have a mod zone that list them for IGG and we do report . OUR REPORTS CARRY AS MUCH WEIGHT AS YOURS DO>< .
IF you posted on forum and no ticket is sent then all you did was waste time.