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[Discussion] [Solved] Beginner Storyline break / dissappears - #67-68 (guild join bug)

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Posted on 2019-06-18 11:23:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, so i made an new account and when i did this task:

67. Hard Work Paid Off
Talk to Andrews in Genoa City**You Have to use the voyage log to auto track for this task.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 3,800,000, Purple Badge (ordinary) lvl 53 Land Jewelry
**NEW**Reward (chat): Prof Exp 50, 000,000, Dark Gold Badge (Superior) lvl 93 Land Jewelry, 60 Original Magnetic Ore

I didn't get the next quest, Is it a problem because i did daily before reaching some (accurate) level?


changed title to match actual situation for future search purposes  - Ele

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i think you haved 2 quest and now has bug. you take there 2 quest need to finish first another quest and next that. if remember good

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Please open your voyage log in game.

That quest often finishes automatically if you auto track to the npc...
You are probably already on the next quest and do not realize it.

There has NEVER been a bug with this particular quest number...
just many people do not realize they have completed it.

If this is not the problem please take a screen shot of your voyage log showing the quest task that you are on.
Then compare your voyage log with the Beginner Quest Line Guide
Link to; New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide

you will also see a link to the guide and all beginner guides you will need at the top of the guides section;
click the "ALL" at the top left of the forum page then select "Guides"... the main guides you will need are pinned to the top in the order you will need them.

If you continue to have problems, post the shot here and keep it as you will have to send a ticket to support IF you can not continue the quest line.

please see below if you are actually on the next task #68... check what merchant alliance you are in or if you are in any alliance follow  #68 below.

- Ele

If you are trying to enter the crete pirate instance you need to be in team
Please follow the beginner guide on how to team a NPC

This link to the specific post contains the following info:

You DO NOT have to do this one to continue in the quest line. However it gives 1,000,000 silver coin so do it anyway so you can raise your rank to level 6 (Baron) and be able to talk in public chat.
27(B) Grace of the Battleship (Instance) (Teams only) (see blue writing below)
Go to the Crete Pirate Instance
Kill 3 Fleet Golden Eye Pirate ships, Report back to the Ares Warrior Alliance
**You only need to kill the ships in the first 1/4 of the instance (first skull area on overhead map).
Exit from your team for a fast way out of the instance.
Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 30,000, 20,000 Coin.
Reward (chat):  Prof Exp 500,000, Silver 1,000,000.

You can now make a team with (an invisible) NPC.  You do not have to team with an actual player.
ctrl+x >> "Make Team" tab >> click the top most of the 4 buttons at the bottom right of the interface marked "Recruit..."
you will automatically be assigned a random NPC as a team mate.


68. Acknowledgment
Talk to the Merchant Alliance officer of your alliance.
**You can now choose which Merchant alliance officer to Auto track to. Click one of the 5 underlined destinations   You will need to know what alliance you joined
ckick Cntrl+X > Merchant Alliance Tab > Alliance appears in BIG YELLOW LETTERS
in my case it is the Nederlands Alliance


Reward (Voyage Log): Prof Exp 5,100,000, Silver 200,000,  Merchant Alliance Contribution 200
Reward (chat):  Prof Exp 40,000,000, Silver 200,000, Merchant Alliance Contribution Certificates 20

You can find your MA officer here:
Alexander- Islandi (57, 60)
Venice- Western Mediterranean  (50,-22)
Lisbon- Iberian (10,20)
Bordeaux- English Channel (56,66)
Amsterdam- Nederlands (50, -20)

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So there is no Story Line quests

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Probably because you transferred servers in the middles of the quest line.

2 options

1) Just start a new character... getting to #67 wont take you all that long.

2) Contact support and hope they can re-set your character. (Though this is definitely the slower option it can take a few days or more)

IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info

- Ele

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ok calling this "solved"
locking thread

- Ele