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[Discussion] fok why there no warning about making 170 sea set rank requirements.....

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Posted on 2019-03-30 14:55:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

so I just fucked up..... should rage quit lol did 170 3 pieces can't be equipped cause rank 2 low but:O there no warning about the rank sight what are you doing fok? why there not requires rank 13 requirements to make this tier level warning... to make 170 not even in the guides :S

Posted on 2019-03-30 15:26:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Warning has been issued  Warning

Posted on 2019-03-30 15:49:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Luis you doin ok bud? I tell you what next time we fight ill take 3 of my 170 piece off for us to fight. But ny the time I get there yamakashininja would have killed you

Posted on 2019-03-30 16:05:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

Basically the same thing when 160 gear came. It showed wrong rank requirements, except its even worse now, it doesn't show them at all.

This is a serious bug, should be fixed. I will highlight it to draw attention.


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Posted on 2019-03-30 16:56:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Well luis u can make rank. Dont cry
I love u  cheer up

Posted on 2019-03-31 10:45:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

I will contact Mr Snail to solve it,sorry for that.