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[Discussion] Will it be .... ????

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Posted on 2019-03-25 13:33:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

If this npc is in our version in Quanzhu... why did you not state that in your first post and then ask why the npc is not activated.... instead of just posting a picture and then getting all bent out of shape because I don't know about one unused npc that showed up recently.

Of course we would assume that the Quanzhou in the picture is not ours as we know those tasks are not activated in our version of the game.
Plus no one else at the time confirmed or even asked us to confirm that the npc existed.

Just about the only thing I do in Quanzhou is trading or trade task. (And auto track to them)

I have sailed to Quanzhou and yes that npc is there.. so I will edit your first post to put words to explain your picture.

I am not sure why players think we are suppose to know everything in game...
its not like Fok tells us when he does an update or when a new npc is added, nor does he give us any information about new equipment, tasks etc.

- Ele

Posted on 2019-03-26 01:26:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

PeTeRPaNisBaCK said:
READ CAREFULLY THIS "That Picture has been taken MMP server . if you check clearly that NPC is in quanzhu nearby tavern entrence.I m expecting your apologies in RED colour and CAPS ON ! otherwise pls stop saying something stupid ! IT IS NOT FROM BBO !! " I m just laughing at you Dsofa.. :)

You asked for an explanation where's the spam, I gave you the explanation. Yes I was wrong for assuming this is a screenshot from BBO. The NPC was removed during testing of Jiawu patch, since we reported that those tasks weren't working, but it somehow made it to the actual release. I wasn't aware of it since I don't visit Quanzhou very often, so I assumed its from BBO. As much as I know about the game, I don't know everything, nor I ever claimed I do. I make mistakes as we all do and I do apologize for them.

Thing to note here is that it still doesn't change a thing. Us being wrong on one point, doesn't automatically invalidate all the other points. This is still categorized as a spam thread. Even after we pointed out numerous issues with this thread, you still didn't even bother to address any of them, but instead you went on this meaningless quest of trying to prove us moderators wrong. So no, you are not getting a personal apology from us, you don't deserve the courtesy since you didn't show us enough courtesy to address the issues we pointed out.

Since this thread lost its meaning and any sensical discussion long ago, I am going to close it down. There is nothing more to be said here. You are free to open a new thread asking when will this NPC work, but this time following the guidelines, otherwise the thread will be categorized as spam and warnings will be given.

@PeTeRPaNisBaCK, you already have two warnings from the past. Next time you break any of the rules, you will receive a 3rd one which will automatically mute you for 30 days.

If you feel you've been treated unfairly, feel free to send complaints to our superior, ledhed.


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