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[Discussion] How to fix this bs game

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Posted on 2019-03-12 17:34:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

This game has been ALWAYS P2W and that is why when it was limited for first few years it had a great burst of growth , then they went insane and skipped the BEST updates before the " proffesions " patch and just went full P2W no hiding it . We had then Russian whales buying 60k USD IM -We had a list of TOP IM buyers with competition to get on that list . Then it just stopped because IGG took a left and players took a right turn.

 What saved the game is players FREE for most part could put in hours as spenders cant, ( unlesss the disabled few that got burned by players before quitting are counted ) , Just made a job of working forguilds and other players of dragging them through and getting what is needed for game to be used. THEN IGG in all it's wisdumb , decided to BIND almost everything worth selling .
** NOTE it is unclear if SNAIL GAMES insisted on binding as I know I was part of talks with GM tec from SG and IGG staff as to how we can snip binding to a minimum as well as reduce the silver tax on colony and guild fee among other things such as allowing HI drops to not be useless and visits limited per day to TWO . AFTER IGG went public , many things changed and I lost all my friends as the new team booted them after they trained the new managements guys , I am still in touch with many old admins who question my sanity when I admit to STILL being in here . Nothing new even my cat and dog as well as wife and my midgets all ask the same thing .
 I thought I was free when pass wont work anymore and I cant log in and service  *( COUGH )* couldnt help me , fun is still lost in the pixel space -so for a few months all I could do was use alts and talk to Sofa as I cant find elle she hides from me . THEN I made a mistake and typed in a pass from 2011 and THIS opened up the game ..... " security " *( COUGH )* .
 Now I am back and really nothing has changed -you need to play this game at lowest level; you can and just ignore the trap of the shiney things to really enjoy and recognise just how well done it COULD be with a little work and effort . This game is far from bs it is a JEM hidden under a layer of bs is all.

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