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[Discussion] hurricane island mine cave..

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hurricane island mine cave.. entranceing item about be..?

life is my life knowing  life..
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please read
2012 Hurricane Island Instance Guide

------------ QUOTE FOLLOWS  ------------------

To Enter the Instance
a) Normal Mode
You must buy a pass (Map) from the npc on the beach, NPC Name: Tom (0.5, -33)
the cost is 7.5 million coins
equip it in a "assistance" spot on your character to be able to enter portal.

b) Elite Mode
You must buy an elite HI pass from another player or from one of the player owned cities (such as Athens, Barcelona or London) item is called "swamp map", the cost is 10 million coins.
equip it in a "assistance" spot on your character

c) Master Difficulty
collect 4 Swamp Map Fragments. (drops from The Lost Water Way Pirate) them for the Swamp Map (Master) From the Storm Chaser Card Exchanger Sanctum of Memories (-5 0)....equip the map, then enter the instance; Sanctum of Memories (-35,0)

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