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[Discussion] Money making + sea battle gear

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Posted on 2019-02-18 06:37:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys, if i remember corectly, there used to be a guide on how to achieve your first million silver or something like that + other money making guides, but for the sake of me i'm not able to find any. Can you help out a noob? i know about the silk route quest, but it's gona take a long time. Also, where do you get sea battle accesories, i saw some poseidon stuff with increased cannon acc and all that. where do you get that stuff?

Posted on 2019-02-18 08:25:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Geno has your upgrades for sea after you receive your  free 140 ect ,

The daily grind of HI and EC are your money makers to buy IM and such

Posted on 2019-02-18 09:11:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

There are no more money making guides as they were all outdated and not really viable to make huge amount of money required for gear upgrades.

These days there are three ways to make money:
- Farm low level sea instances like Crete, Gibraltar and North Sea. Loot all the cannons and figureheads and sell them to docker. Some stuff like St. Mary Figureheads, Holy Judgment Ores you can even sell in Seville to other players. These inis can be done with the level 120 sea jewels you get on 120 Knight's Vigil questline.
- Farm English Channel instance, sell Medic kits to docker. This ini is a bit harder, you need to upgrade your sea gear a little bit. Its not soloable, you need an either alt or a friend to help you farm.
- Farm Hurricane Island instance, sell Cannon Operators to docker. This is the main way for newbies to make money. This will require you land gear from 140 Knight's Vigil questline and you will need to refine it slightly, or you can bring an AB alt in with you to help you with heals. Every weekend there are Double Drop Cards available in Athens for 1 milion silver. You can take it to HI, you should be able to make 50 milion silver from a run, minimum.

If you wanna spend some IM points, you can get mining, fishing passports and auto planting cards.  Mine Damascene Ingots, fish Black Pearls and plant Fine Cotton Cloth. Those can be sold for a decent price in Seville to other players. The benefit is that this can be done while you're AFK.

Of course as you progress trough the game, you will be able to do higher level instances, so you will get more drops from them which you will be able to sell to other players in game. So you will slowly move away from farming low level instances.

Land and sea gear you get on these two storylines:

2014 - 120 Knights Vigil Quest Line   (lvl 120 to start quest line)
2014 - 140 Knight's Vigil II Quest line Guide - (Free 140 equipment) (lvl 140 to start quest line)


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That stuff is far too time consuming ud need 6hrs a day for that list of sea instances, go str8 to HI in 148 land gear in a matter of days and dont farm any sea instance til u can share the instance with 1 other n successfully complete it, the main money is in selling the high lvl repair kits for 10k each, until such time land is faster $ per hour at HI on weekends and during the week EC and malta to get the 148 sea set completed, u gonna need a lot of telance hats n cloth so that HI money will go on that plus rainbow crystals for jwls. the good thing about making 148 land is its only 1 upgrade from the free 140 set using new truncheon of king item. u make that money back on HI fast n start building sea set then if u wanna be sea player. u also dont need the sea explos anymore devil pirates n a rulers glory will do fine unless u want strong pvp skills. the rest of time shld be dailies n golden tower to convert your grade 3 n 4 proof into melting stones and refines. until u reach 900k sea points n can do porto bay,  jiawa bay, or yizhou bay, English channel is the only instance thats gonna make any substantial gains to your bank accnt or your power level.

Posted on 2019-02-18 14:43:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

The problem with Hi is you now have to have a freeze helmet... so ask around and have another player make you one.

Until you get a freeze helmet, and for the lowest of players; immediately after completing the beginner quest line and both knights Vigils... first try HI.
(if you follow the quest line and dont do much else you will have enough money up through that point.. make sure you do that first Crete instance quest (Grace of the Battleship) in the beginner quest-line it now gives lot of money.. your first 1,000,000 coin)

You may not have enough of the free refines from the low instances yet to survive HI... strength will also depend on  your profession...  Armed Busnisman (AB) is definitely not as good of a fighter as the other 3....
For refines but not necessarily money;
Be sure to do Madagascar and Bombay Land instances 3 time each every day you play. and Crete instance, and Gibralter Straights instance (save those blaze stones and windstorm stones for your lvl 13 or 14 FH depending on how fast you can get  a player to make you one)
Have a friend help you with the London daily (Request> Supply officers Request) Rampant pirates you will need those rewards.

For money (low low level only)
Try farming North sea instance for the cannon drop if you can't do HI Land.
Though Gibraltar straights gives a large amount of cannon as well.

- Ele