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[Discussion] Create a new account

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Posted on 2019-02-13 05:46:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi everyone

Since 1 week I try to create a new account, I'm French (maybe French people are block XD), I create a new email adress... I follow all step of the guide in this forum. But I don't get the email with the code.

I follow your advice xanthian31 and I send 2 mail to the support but I never get an answer (one mail 5 days ago and one mail today).

Someone can help me?

Posted on 2019-02-13 15:40:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

So other people know what I told you to try in PM:

I think this happened to one other person... he was in France but I don't know if that has any relation to the problem... and this was before all the new internet safety rules went into affect.... unfortunately language barrier and frustration made him give up after a few tries... so a solution was not found.

all I can suggest is;

1) All accounts have to use different email addresses (even if they are your accounts).
You will receive the code at the email you have typed in in the 2nd line.
Make sure that email account is activated! (send yourself a test message from your regular email account to your new email account).

Check your spam folders or if you use gmail... check all 3 primary, social and promotions sections.
Because IGG is a Chinese site, many security filters mark it as a threat. Unfortunately you can not tell an email provider to un-ban a address.

2) make sure there are no warnings when you input your info onto the IGG page such as "this email has already been used" it will show in red letters under the box where the error is.

3) create an email account at/with a different provider.... If Gmail is messing up try any that come up except yahoo (they are know to have problems as well). (most email services will ask that you log in every month to keep the account active.... but the only email from IGG you get will be tech support and you can tell them any email you want it to go to so it doesn't matter if the account expires just KEEP THE ACCOUNT INFORMATION WRITTEN DOWN in case there is ever a problem proving you own the account)
...just do a google search on "free email account"

- maybe try creating an an email name with only lower case letters and numbers.

4) try contacting support - obviously you were able to contact me.. so you can contact support through this account.

Please let me know if you find a solution so I can share it with others in the future.

Now, here is some new stuff to try;

Because the email works for every one else...

Since this is happening only to you and one other person in France...

check your spam filter in the email accounts... maybe they auto set to filter out (blacklist) Chinese IP or email addresses??

1)  Go into your new account and tell it to allow the address;
2) if you are using google mail go to; settings >general >  configure in box > and check all boxes and save.
3) if you are using google mail go to settings > inbox > override filters (check box) and save.
4) if you are using google mail go to; settings > filters and blocked addresses> check that is not blocked there.

Now go to your in box and check all 5 tabs.. my email shows in "updates"

I doubt it is your personal virus checker since you are accessing the mail through a 3rd party and not clicking to open any files or programs....

If the above does not work:
I suggest you try creating an email account at a NON-French site.
Perhaps try using American gmail?

DSOFA may have more ideas..

- Ele


some good to know info:

Spam typically doesn’t bounce
Because bouncing email flagged as spam would give the real spammers too much information about how to bypass the spam filters, it’s simply not done. Email flagged as spam is simply not delivered, or is delivered to the recipient’s spam folder, where they may or may not find it.
A quick test to make sure that any email can get through is to use another provider — for example, a friend’s email account on a different service, or a free account on another service.