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[Discussion] TRUNCHEON OF THE KING -Attention returning players and low level players-

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Posted on 2019-02-12 08:56:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

HI all id just like to shed light on a new item introduced some are not aware of n hasnt been mentioned anywhere else on forum, 

- truncheon of the king (include pics please Ele)

300x tiger totems each from tiger totem exchanger NPC, in Seville port
(please add pic Ele)

Use this item to upgrade from 140 to 148 in 1 upgrade for -75% of normal cost at the suit enhancement NPC in seville port. Right next to tiger totem n other NPC
(please add pic Ele

wHY is this important, as a new old/low level player u can go from 93-120-140-148 very quickly.

For 5kk each u can buy the 140 set if u don't wanna do story-line/knight vigil etc for gear or don't have the help needed in game to complete the quests so for 25kk you get a set of 140 jewels n for a 500kk its a 148 set, allowing u to get on with the game fast n catch up quickly,..the following upgrade SHOULD BE FALLEN set, so for 3 upgrades u can easily from 120 to fallen and skipped a bunch of grinding for drops/exploration items/mats and you should be strong enough to earn a bill a week from HI n grow fast allowing u to get into rank system and refining systems much faster and enter BG(helping rank and flag system) and also integrate into new patches much faster than ever before.
 I hope this helps people considering to give it another go or who lost faith in the upgrade system/had difficulty defeating instances for drops. The Semarang suburbs and Prison sewers(with mouse tooth thru iron door) have highest drop rate of tiger totems if you need more.

Its not much help to a lot of us more experienced players but there is too many player still paying full price for upgrades.
 You should NEVER make a 145 set or a gods set or salvation set again and there is no justification for it or paying full price on floral ingots etc, using the old upgrade npc's etc when u can pay Half price n skip sets. 
Thanks in advance to Ele for adding pics and editing.

Also don't feel it needs a guide but it needs some spotlight so bump to the top of listings, so easy to find for newbies/returning players etc, thanks. see u in game maybe.

Posted on 2019-02-12 16:00:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

I Encourage everyone to please announce the truncheon and what it is used for; in public and newbie chat  and to tell all the people in your and allied guilds. (tell them to come to forum for the fix - GUIDE HERE- )
It is obvious IGG never found a way to make server wide announcements

The problem is:

Newbie players rarely if ever come to the forums.  (they are use to games that dont have as many bugs and that walk you through beginner quest lines)

Newbies (real newbies not alts)(and ok even some alts) tend to come to the forums only after their character gets "bugged" or they are stuck on something litterally or figuratively.

  and most importantly...
the upgrade using Truncheon of King.. is BUGGED!

So unless the new player is willing to edit their files... the game stays broken for them.
(I know when I first started playing online games, there was no way I wanted to edit files.... and seriously players should not HAVE TO). 
(and before you say it... not everyone has the skills.. seriously I know one guy in game that has not been able to delete his censorship file even though its been explained to him in detail 2 or 3 different times)

also even the few newbies that come here rarely use the search function.
I would pin the Truncehon info to the top of a list but;
1) I can not pin anything to the top of the main list ( the one you get when you click the little house )
2) if I pin it to the top of discussion... most do not see it anyway  since people tend to look at the full list (since we have so few posts now a days... might as well see all 3 or 5 made in the last 48 hrs)

so all I can do is add a note to the beginner quest line and HOPE newbies see it.
however that guide has already become a wall of text that most people do not want to read....

If i remember and have time maybe i can rework that guide....
not today or tomorrow... gotta go to work soon...

- Ele

Posted on 2019-04-04 01:48:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Made my 145 set long ago before quitting, now i'm back trying to play again, this method can be applied to the 145 set or just the 140? does it jump straight to 148? i know about the "bug" and i'm sure if i follow what was said i can fix the file too.
The items upgraded with the truncheon can be sold/traded? so i can work the money and make an alt to pass the items to my main?
My resource alts have no production tab (AB bug), i was reading about it, i need to level them up to 120 so if i'm going that high, why not go all the way to 140 with one?