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[Discussion] Hot Sale Request; Gulch Gold (February 6)

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Posted on 2019-02-06 20:52:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

As title says. Haven’t seen it in hot sale in long time but people still need. Please put back in hot sale like before 25IM each.

It is time...

Posted on 2019-02-07 17:02:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

I am not sure Gulch-Gold has EVER been in a hot sale.

I searched for it and it does not come up.
And by not "coming up" I mean not in New pirate king treasure, captain jacks or Hot Sales... its just not coming up at all as being offered in any promotion.

Price is 50 IM in regular sale.

IMHO; since this item is for generals upgrade it may not be put in sales for a while (possibly years) .. heck we dont even have all the generals yet.
But it never hurts to ask.

- Ele

ps. I thought maybe the search engine couldn't find it because of the hyphen.  However the Auto-planting card also has a hyphen and it comes up in search.
(I know search will not work on/with; 's)

pps. it is possible the hot sales spell it wrong, but i did a search on "gold" and it shows all ; gold faith, gold credit, gold box, and plain gold references.
I have looked at sales that come up under "gold" search. thru last July (my data from figuring out the hot sales trends  has all sales listed since then... only Gold box and Gold Faith occur in Hot Sales.)

I have now manually clicked and looked at every Hot Sale back through June 1, 2017
(searching term "Hot Sale" )... and I did not see Gulch-Gold listed.

Generals were introduced June 27, 2017   LINK

Do you have a general idea when it was on sale?


this is mostly  notes for myself;
 not much has changed in 1.5 yrs

items probably removed from sales (items last time offered in 2017):
Portobello exploration proof
Battled Forest Exploration proof
Atlantis charm
Sea Ranger
White Rabbit 's Dress
Black Rabbit's Dress
Dragon Charm
Expedition Silver Medal (one time sale)
Spirit Tiger
Desert Eagle (Permanent)
Real Cross (Perm)
Zilant Totem (Perm)
Exquisite Octant (Permanent)
Certificate of Overlord
Blaze Stone
Huge Power Stone
Raging Winds Stone
Blood Rose Stone
Figurehead Refinement Tool
Sword of Thousand Roars (August 17, 2018)
Attribute Transfer Item (May 18, 2018)