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[Discussion] Hot Sale Request; Mistarille Steel

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Posted on 2019-02-01 07:17:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Please put in HotSale

thank you <3

For all who didnt see yet:

Mistarille Steel

Edit: you asking at normal price 276,4 Yuan for ONE TRY (can fail) lvl 15 FH. (thats around 5% of the average wage in china)

30IM each is kinda crazy (need 25 for 1 try which can be a FAILURE and if not failure maybe you want Figurehead with 31 upgrades... need 10 tries or 20 or more..... its not   1 try = perfect success item)
Also it is IM only item for a stupid FH so it should be atleast in hotsale affordable.

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2019-02-01 07:30:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

The price is crazy and even in hotsale will not help. What are you thinking exactly asking 750 IM for one try? even if its 100% success (which probably noone will try to make without lucky stone if anyone is crazy enought to buy that things from IM with that price!!!) you are getting way over your head here