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[Discussion] [Solved] 140 unbind tool taken by support but item NOT unbound!

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Posted on 2019-01-31 13:00:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ticket # 1647159

Hello. I am trying unbind an item  Cursed  Huge Immortal Head. Ive been sent alread 2 tickets and one of them its Resolved. They told me : Thank you for your patience.

We do apologize for the wait. Regarding your problem, please kindly prepare the lv140 unbinding tool and then put the desired item in the first slot. We would help you deal with it during our Working Time.

I have DID that . Now ive been waiting from monday it will be Friday soon my item its still BOUND . AND i guess They TOOK MY 140 unbind TOOL  !!! Why They took UNbind tool and they dont unbind my item!????

PS : I have put my desired item for unbind 1 st slot and my unbind TOOL was put into SHIPT 1 st SLOT too . I do not have my unbind tool anymore which i paid for it 1200 SOV! 
Will they unbind my item later so thats why they took my unbind tool ?  i have unbinded an giant horn before , they took my unbind then i could trade my giant horn. what .... is going on ? for real ?


Changed title so Fok will kow the problem and know this is for him with out having to read a wall of text.
also added the ticket number from the screen shot   - Ele

You may wish to add 2nd ticket number and copy of email since it pertains to this problem.

- Ele

Posted on 2019-01-31 18:10:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Monday starts the week long holiday in china... however most employees are working this weekend to make up for the days off so you may luck out.

What is the 2nd support ticket about?
If it is about this same issue... make a screen shot like you did before and add the ticket number at the top so FOK can easily look it up.

ps. make sure they did not accidentally unbind some other item.

- Ele

Posted on 2019-01-31 22:10:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

I see , sent other tickets . They answered to me and said : " Thank you for your patience.

We are sorry for your wait. Regarding your concern, please be noted that we have unbind the item already. Please reopen the game and verify it.

Thank you for your continued support.  "  

PS : I've checked that and it is still bound :)  lol... Here its a screenshot!

Posted on 2019-02-01 16:10:07 | Show thread starter's posts only


<happy dance>

marking thread as solved and locking thread

- Ele