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[Discussion] Hot Sale Request; Forrest and Mine Passports

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Posted on 2019-01-02 06:59:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, can you put on hotsale mine and timber passes pls? thanks in advance


added the names of the 2 you want to the title  - Ele

Posted on 2019-01-02 15:31:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok here is the sales data below.

You can guess from looking at the data.... on about what day the pass you want will come on sale.

*note that they did separate the days that mining and timber passes are on sale - separated since last April, however fishing and planting still seem to occur the same day.

And then there is always the chance they make the same mistake as in October and forget to sell the most desired passport (mining) ...  fishing and planting may get skipped a month if none sell the month prior (my current theory... but dont have access to sales data to prove it).

Last sale dates:

Mine Cave Passport for 168 HoursForestry Centre Passport for 168 Hours
December 12-13, 2018December 14-15, 2018
November 13-14November 14-15
No sale in OctoberOctober 15-16
September 12-13September 14-15
August 13-14August 15-16
July 12-13July 14-15
June 15-16June 17-18
May 14-15May 16-17
April 13-14April 13-14
March 14-15March 14-15
February 15-19February 15-19

Auto-planting CardFishery Passport for 168 Hours
December 10-11, 2018 December 10-11, 2018
November 9-10November  9-10
October 8-9October 8-9
September 7-8September 7-8
August 8-9August 8-9
July 8-9July 8-9
No sale in JuneNo sale in June
May 11-13May 11-13
No Sale in AprilNo sale in April
March 12-13March 12-13
February 13-14February 13-14