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[Discussion] Overview, current state, ideas

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Dear Community, FoK

I made this topic to try bring an overview about the situation in the game and to see how the current state is after in the summer lot of people announced in forum that they quit game.
I will use different Sections here in this Thread for better overview. I know this is long Thread, maybe you can read 1 section every day. :)       
- i try write here neutral for many different kind of players, but also ofc giving my own opinion/ ideas, hope we can keep this Topic troll free and on a normal discussion level -

Topic Version 1.3 (will edit the number whenever i add/change something)

1. Current State/ Commendation/ Criticism
2. Christmas (solved/over)
3. Drop rates
4. Missing Items
5. Events
6. Unsolved bugs

1. Current State/ Commendation/ Criticism

Thank you
After long waiting we finally got the Golden Tower Patch together with the 170 sea patch. I saw the 170 sea patch in BBO and must say good job you ,FoK, did very well bug fixes on serious bugs!!!
Sadly there are still lot of bugs left to fix, but i hope that will come in the next weeks (for good overview i put a list in the end of this thread).

Thank you
You introduced the Dragon Max event to us, thanks for that again. People were happy about it and enjoyed the event and the rewards of it. Sadly you had the login server issue which caused a shit storm and the happy people just were happy in game and not in forum.   Please try Dragon max event again at a time where you can make sure that if needed you can reset the login server.

Concern #1 - Item mall
At the Moment there are not enough people selling Item Mall in game and with the new patch the amount of IM needed even increased more. You need to find a way to motivate people again to buy Item Mall and also reduce the pressure on people who maybe cant afford Item Mall at the moment.  For that its very important that we get the new daily quest rewards.
At the moment Price of Item mall is over 6.000.000 each ( you sell Gold Boxes for 5 IM in Hotsale which contain 10.000.000 silver  which would be 2.000.000 each IM point).

You need IM for to many things in the game at the moment. For example every day 1 forge on 168 Gear cost 11 Luminous Pearls on Jewelery= 44 IM  ==>  44 IM is around 2,50dollar  just for 1 click a day which most likely fail  in average i would say you need 11 tries for 1 success so 25 dollar!!! That's to much!

Concern #2 - Labrinton
Labrinton Battleground: 
Please increase minimum amount of player to 4 and maximum to 20. At the Moment many player want do Labrinton Battleground for Honor Of Battlefield but only a very few people can enter.
And fix the Invite System, because it does not work like on Petro where it works perfectly fine. More info in the topic: FoK, Labrinton vs Petro Battelground / Bug

Concern #3 - Serpent stones
Serpent Stone Fragments:
FOK has said he would ask Snail for a higher level daily task (assuming he meant serpent stones would be the reward for that daily?)  Link to post were he states this
And, We have not yet gotten the new daily tasks that were broken with the patch (Tower daily and ?), so not sure what rewards will be with those new tasks........However;
If it takes long to fix the daily's maybe increase the Yizhou Pathway and Jiawu Instance daily Quest Rewards by 3 times.

Concern #4 Daily Task Rewards
Remove & Replace:
Remove original magnetic ore from HIGH LEVEL Daily's.
Replace with Garnet Fragments and Serpent stone Fragments.
(to players; some need moonstone frags for 148-150 upgrade - there will always be new and low level players)

2. Christmas (solved/over)

Christmas holiday soon, they very important and people usally get extra money for this time from family and extra salary. Make them spend it on VCO and let them have fun playing special events ( check this topic for ideas and more info: FoK, Christmas and New Year )

3. Drop rates

HI Cave
First of all i have to mention of course the Drop rates on HI as always. Please increase Drop rate of Cannon Operator by 1-2%, that would already help much i think (at least do for Elite and Master please).

Yizhou Pathway
Beside that i wonder if you can increase drop rates of Gold Medals and Amber Bodhi in Yizhou Pathway. The Patch is now 1,5years old and we still only get Gold Medals from Instance (Amber Bodhi in very little amount since 2 weeks in Golden Tower lvl 70+ as well).
add 1-3 extra Gold Medals to boss 2 & 3 in Yizhou Pathway, And maybe; add default 5x Amber Bodhi to Boss 3 and 4.
keep same drop rate, but have MOBS drop Amber Bodhi in Floor 3 Yizhou Pathway.
And maybe; add default 5x Amber Bodhi to Boss 3 and 4.

Jiawu Bay
170 sea Gear medals drop way far before last 2 bosses in Jiawu Bay, that doesn't seem fair for land players.

EVERYWHERE in Game , Especially HI Cave
At last i can mention to remove the different Map pieces and replace by Treasure Map Fragment  on HI (more info in this topic: Hurricane Island - treasure map pieces

4. Missing Items

We are Missing at the moment 3 Items:
1. Flag Exchange Medal
2. Mistarielle Steel
3. Keel Ironwood

Item 2 and 3 are needed for lvl 15 FH. One come from Item Mall other from Treasure Map. We can produce lvl15 FH since Yizhou bay Patch early summer 2018 and have the Statue drop ingame since Epic of Jiawu patch, but still dont have those 2 missing material.  More info in this Thread: FoK Level 15 FH

Flag Exchange Medal is for people who dont have time for BG and want to get the Flag :)

5. Events
  1. Dragon Max -
    Please keep trying bring Dragon Max. It is an awesome event i think you only need to solve the problem with the login servers. For the start you could try to be there to manually fix them before event. Suggested; run 1x per week
  2. Colorful Clouds -
    Also please get rid of old events like Colorful Cloud or rework the rewards!
  3. Euro Ares (Strife of Europe) -
    Increase the amount of times it is run! Suggested; run every Saturday and Sunday or at least 1x per week!
  4. Labrinton -
    Please see concern #2 at top.
  5. Crete Siege Battle - Maybe reduce to 4 x per week, perhaps remove from Sunday and run other events.

More Info /Discussion here: It's time FoK....

6. Unsolved Bugs
First of all have to mention Anti Critical Bug. This is unsolved long time and its bad, because people spend Dollars to increase their Critical damage, while other people make this investment useless with using bug to become uncritable. BBO GM has long time fix for this now maybe you can talk to him or ask mr snail to talk to him to get the bug fix. (This bug hurts your sales / dollar income)

Then there is lot of other bugs which came with the new patch. I try to list them here for better overview, for more details on them/ screenshots check the Bug topic Please report all Jiawu version IN GAME BUGS Here:

  1. Anti Critical Bug
  2. around Half of general Cards are bugged (see list which work and which not here: [Under Construction] General Card Tasks  (also can see there where exactly the quests are bugged)
  3. Torpedos dont work in Yizhou Bay and Jiawu Bay
  4. Profession Skills tree's seem to have a few bugs
  5. Trend times ( popular goods) seem to be different by 6minutes and more (Fixed)
  6. Description on new Sea Belief items is wrong
  7. no time limit shown in lvl 75 GT
  8. Wedding Buffs in game should give different lvl of buffs depending on which ring you did choose (more expensive wedding ==> better buff) but all give the same buff/ amount of stats
  9. Refined Iron, St Deus badges, St deus Honor dont drop anymore from Imperial Boxes
  10. unable to open boxes from Karmonge (London)[North Island industrial items & quests]
  11. unable to open boxes from Dubis (Seville) [Bimini Island Industrial items and quests]

Thanks for reading, if i missed a bug feel free to PM me and i will add it to the list.
Thanks also for more listening to the Community again in the last 6 months FoK and for 2 patches!

Please keep the Topic serious and clean, we all want that the game is becoming more fun again in 2019!

Kind Regards

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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Warning has been issued  Warning

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I fully agree on everything ! Great job Flamewars and I hope FoK tries to listen to us :) just a tip for FoK, the healthier the game base(players) is better for you're IM selling= you get more money, we understand that you aim to maximize the IM sale, but if you don't give anything to the players they become unhappy which happened in summer and then they stop putting money in the game. Trust us and do as much as possible from this list, and you will see your IM sales will increase atleast by 1,5x or even more :)

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thank you ,
I'd like to explain.

don't plan to read one book in 1 minutes.

the patch is the same.

may be u need 3 months to do it.

I hope it is a good journey for captains.

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Thank you for your answer FoK :)
Good to know we got your Attention here :)

Some Part of the book are very new (like Flag Exchange Medal, Jiawu Bay),
Some Part of the book are older like lvl 15 FH and
Some Part of the book already are very old like new dailys/ rewards, Drop in Yizhou Pathway, Anti crit bug, Dragon Max and Euro Ares event

Topic shows older parts of book and newer and what which part about it hurts the community very much. 

Thats why i/we try show ideas what is needed to bring even more Spirit back to the game.  Maybe you can realise some of them.

Especially the Christmas parts and the dailys.

I know fixing the bugs for example take times and must be done 1by1 wanted to help you out with the list for better overview :)

We all know IGG is a profit oriented company and thats fine. Just as neene24 says happy customers pay more :)
I Also know that if IGG not make enough money here game gets closed and no more VCO so i would never suggest anything what i think will ruin IGG sales.

People need work on lot of different stuff at same time, will not hurt your sales to help them with 1 or 2 of them :)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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Fok i understand what you say but some of the things that are mentioned here are old stuff not new. 

1)Dragon Max and euro ares in more regular bases is old as from the patch of generals.

2)Increase HI drop is even older and the need for silvers is getting biger and biger every patch.

3) The need to put some exclusive IM items in the game and make them more accesible has nothing to do with the patch. Atm when everything needs IM the following things is happeneing 
 a) IM sellers/users stop selling IM to the "free" players cause they need for them selfs
 b) The gap between IM user and free players becomes bigger and bigger (i am talking about stuff that previus patches was bringing not new patch) so that means lost of interest so no way to get more IM sales and probably shrinking the player base even more
c) The ones that actually tryies to keep up cause of the low drop rates with all the "need to do " stuff you maust play like 8-10 hours, even more than how you work

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Added the following to the original post:

Labrinton Battleground: 
Please increase minimum amount of player to 4 and maximum to 20. At the Moment many player want do Labrinton Battleground for Honor Of Battlefield but only a very few people can enter.
And fix the Invite System, because it does not work like on petro where it works perfectly fine.

More Info in Topic: FoK, Labrinton vs Petro Battelground / Bug

Serpent Stone Fragments:
If it takes long to fix the dailys maybe increase the Yizhou Pathway and Jiawu Instance daily Quest Rewards by 3 times.

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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All of you asked for something that would accelarate game speed. But if you read FunofKing's message carefully he ( and IGG ) did not want to pull the throttle. In fact both of them pulls handbrake of this game with full power. Low game speed is what they want to see. If all the things are given that we want ,in 3 months we are gonna start to yell in forum where the new patch is . New patch means new payments to Snail, new bug fix works for FoK . that s why there is  no Tower Guard, there is no xmas quest, there is no ship officer which you can get ship charms, there is no dragon max, there is no new dailies, there is no....... ( fill in the blanks as you want ) in fact we should not blame FoK for something in game, cos I think he/she tries to do his/her best. But I think IGG wants to see our departure from game , so they try to kill us by boring slow paced game . 

What could be more serious where there is death?