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[Discussion] Hurricane Island bos Taskmaster

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Posted on 2018-12-06 15:02:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you have fallen equipment at minimum then it should not be a problem, if you have weaker stuff then do sea instances instead to earn money

Posted on 2018-12-06 16:36:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

It doesn't complicate, freezing helmet was always a requirement for HI instance, ever since it was released on day one, if you don't need it on Rwan, you will need it on Peter.


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Posted on 2018-12-06 16:53:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

patch notes/ patch info say that HI was made harder

that is probably that rowan part to prevent ppl from afking maybe  Just get a freeze helmet ....cost less than 250kk and then you are fine

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