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[Discussion] the sb buff make no sense....+solutions

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How does make sense  that you add fast mechanic to a gimp boss like the first boss in Jia Wu that requires fast reaction in one the most lagiest game in the history of mmrpgs?.... you didn't even fixed the oar propulsion in 1st place,when 80% of the sb players uses  three player uses burning flames for reason idk  what you thinking mr fok if your propose is pissoff the rest of the players in  this game i'm already sick of lag lag  lag dead and lose 20 cannons ... Don't get me wrong i like challenging stuff but this not challenging  this is fucking pathetic, even the buffs are not working right the second boss buff suppose buff you when you get in the white circle and and increase your dmg by 50% 5 stacks of 10% each for 20 sec each buff every 5sec that is not working properly and the deflecting shield suppose to be 40% of you dmg goes back to you when you shoot him while white circle  when he's frost transition, so you kill your self if shoot when he has the white circle on...  i hope you come with one you silly answer as usual don't disappoint me...

there only 3 options to fix this mess

1 Fix the instance and oar propulsion how is intended to be
2 Turn off the buffs...
3 (Recomended)for lazy ass like you add 10 wind power inside the sb instance to be fair...

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Y you so mad, so mad.

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LOL Colombus still have buffs on both bosses is i could do the boss in raider  fine but problem is lag or get dc your ship stop moving, and steven stop talking  trash if you don't understand i'm not  going to change forge all time need to switch ships,  when oar propulsion was in game was faster than square sail but igg turned off cause was too over  powered now we facing boss where we need oar propulsion but we don't have it,  and is not fixed you don't get any speed increase by it witch come to this point will fok turn off the buffs in Columbus cause they still on, on bs MrAzeri even with wind  is not good for bs so i don't get it so fok you can turn off the buffs or add 10 wind power to instance? and steven i don't care your trying to be bad troll, i'm not mad just think is not fair if mmp don't have any buffs and we do  and tested 45 knocks still hit you that purple mud in the sea floor so is pathetic.

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How about we talk about the fact that Columbus just got cut by half because of the buffs? the people that were able to do the first boss before can't do it anymore. the people who could do third boss before can do now i'm guessing second only or even that if. The buffs have been on since tuesday... it's not just one day. and as always Columbus is getting screwed over just like it did with crete not being there but others servers had it... Now it's the same crap. Columbus is the only server that has new buffs and old buffs.... and once again we're left behind and made it more difficult to get stuff... And if MMP would be the server with that issue my guess is there would be even more people complaining... which would be their right. 

Please either remove the buffs or at least be fair enough and implement them on other servers aswell.

Best regards, Cookie

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I think luis was complaining about the buffs on mmp when they were active. it seems all the complaints come from luis

Posted on 2018-12-03 19:39:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

The problems around the buffs are ridiculous!!

At the moment cannot kill 3rd boss in Jaiwu on Columbus. But on every other server you can in which case is getting a big advantage. More drops, and more drops=more promotes and then are getting ahead in gear making.

FOK get rid of the STUPID buffs, I was ok with the first week having the buffs and giving you time.... But NOW it's costing me upgrades, and therefore getting behind on sea stats compared to other servers.


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we have Server Transfers on regular basis also you can anytime change server for IM  so it is a unfair :)

Also there is Battlegrounds which is inter server pvp :P

It just make no sense that Columbus players have much harder time in Jiawu and Yizhou Bay and cant kill some bosses they could kill on all 3 other servers... also its annoying to lose cannons and need longer for instance just because of this Columbus exklusive "feature".

Please fix FoK.... i am no sea player but even i am annoyed by that:)

And if you found a solution ( buff on all server or no buff on columbus as well)  please find a fix for Torpedos/ sea mines  in Yizhou/ Jiawu Bay.

We now got new Mine sea gear, Mine dmg and defense attribute are shown (and i think increased by promotes) and 1 whole profession is all about Mines and they not work in only this 2 sea instance.

Its a bug by mr snail and i think was fixed in china ( sea instance is clearly a sea scenary)! (pls ask mr snail about it ty)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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Buffs appeared on MMP my thoughts
Yiz 4th boss very unlikely possible max sea gear + sea flag due to amount of sailor damage boss buff has.

Jiwa bay Love it!!! 
Makes it challenging and fun makes it almost a necessity to utilize team members on boss 1 and 2.

Killed 3rd boss in jiwa issue is you cannot shoot the left and right ship however you can ram them to prevent the buffs from happening.

Ram the one that buffs then the one that heals