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[Discussion] Timed sea Belief!

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Posted on 2018-11-03 10:01:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

How can be obtained timed Billow and Shadowsong these days??

Posted on 2018-11-03 10:37:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

Should be drop from level 4 Sea maps. Did not do them long time but should be still in there.

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2018-11-03 13:09:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

For timed shadow song and Billow;
According to the Belief guide; you can get them in the guild hall at guild exchanger..
but it takes SOV's.
Belief Guide / Database


Drop rate of lvl 4 sea maps is soooooo bad you may as well just buy them.

here is a copy past of what I have gotten from them in the last few years
from the treasure guide post #4:

Recently 2017 & 2018;

** note; 2x, 3x, means I got the same treasure 2 or 3 times from different maps or maps done at different times.

From Level 1 Maps 24 maps
7x - 1 lvl 10 Dictator Buckshot cannon
4x - superfine armor punching ball box
2x - 1 superfine buckshot canister ball box
10 secondary medic kit
10 secondary repair kit
4x - 9,999 compressed provisions
3x - sailor summoning flag (50 sailors every 10 sec)
2x - 50 open sea map pieces

From Level 2 maps 17 maps
3x - lvl 10 Neptune Ram
lvl7 Secondary Steel Cannon Proof Shield
3x - lvl7 Secondary Steel cannonproof armor
2x - lvl7 Secondary Steel Ram Proof Shield
49,999 compressed provisions
50 open sea map pieces
3x - sailor summoning flag (50 sailors every 10 sec)
1 Shrapnel Ammo box - 5k ammo
High-explosive projectile ammunition box 5k (ammo can not be sold to npc)
2 imperial gold

From Level 3 maps 12 maps
Copper gun platform (purple)
Billow Rudder (Purple)
2x - sailor first-aid kit
3x - lvl 10 Steel Neptune Ram
lvl10 Quality Steel Cannonproof Armor
lvl8 High level steel ram proof shield
99,999 compressed provisions
Flame Dragon Ammunition box - 50k ammo
2x - Fog bomb Ammunition Box -50k ammo
cannon dodge shortbread - 5

From Level 4 maps 6 maps
3x - 1 level 1 ship modifier
Pirate Hunter (male) gift bag [sea charm]
5 seal of Heaven (BOUND)
Sniper Platform (orange)

I do not remember if every map attempt was for a level 4... I may have been trying for certain levels to finish the Barcelona map quests... so these numbers DO NOT not necessarily indicate an actual map level making percentage.

Posted on 2018-11-04 07:01:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sea maps lvl 4 i think dont drop anymore sea timed beliefs!!!

25x level 4 maps and still no beliefs!

can someone tell what Imperial Box and Temple Treasure Box drop these days??
maybe is any chance to get sea beliefs from Imperial box or other boxes

Posted on 2018-11-04 07:15:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here's the guide;

2018 - Imperial Box, Temple Treasure Box, Treasure from Heaven Heaven

if you read the guide:
Belief Guide / Database
you will notice that
1) the timed sea are available through guild hall only and need SOV. (though SOV are not hard to get from other players if you ask around) other hard? part is you need to be in guild lvl 10 and 300 guild medal of honor.

2) most permanent sea beliefs are through the Apparatus Charm and Faith Enhance Master at Tripoli Port.
However they require; Gold Faith Upgrade Cards

This is one bone of contention about this version of the game.   IGG has tweaked the faith enhancing system so that you can only get the upgrade / update? cards through the item mall or item mall credit buying event.
And it ends up being cheaper to just buy the item you want when it goes on sale than to buy it with the upgrade cards.

- Ele

Posted on 2018-11-04 19:59:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Don't kill me:

I was testing sea maps .. made 25 to figure out making lvl 4 percentages...
(got 3-lvl 4 maps BTW of 25 attempts)

I got a timed  14 day (20160) TIDE .
from a lvl 4 map (southern tip of India) Edward Teach box

- Ele

(Not a Billow or Shadow song... but didn't even know beliefs would drop)

Posted on 2018-11-05 20:21:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

ok I was doing more sea maps...
attempted another 25.. got 3- lvl 4 maps....
(will put percentages in treasure guide)

and i got one from a level 4, Emanuel Wynn precious deposits

Billow (timed 20160)

I also got an Oceanic Fairy from a LEVEL 2 William Dampier precious deposits
but it is bound when it hits your inventory.


- Ele