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[Discussion] Item transfer service for 2 accounts i own

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Posted on 2018-10-12 14:26:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

so i need guidance here please.. recently i applied for item transfer (bound items) from 1 of my accounts to another..

i remember it was available long ago, dont remember if unbind tools where available that time... and i know nowadays i can use 150 unbind tools andthen trade.. but that is when trying to sell a bound item.. i am trying to transfer it between my accounts..

the problem is here.. igg dont want to transfer the named items for me, because they sensed different IP addresses in 1 of the accounts saying it is  a shared account and it is against the rules or something... ofcourse it is not a shared account 

please anyone could guide me well in this? i dont see it a fair thing to use 10, 150 unbind tools just to transfer some items from 1 of my accounts to another.. ofcourse i asked them to tell me what kind of proof they want to show that i own both accounts but they just keep repeating the same message... shared account bla bla bla...

please help !!

Posted on 2018-10-12 16:52:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ever since unbinding tools were added to the game, they started asking 1 Unbinding tool per item. Some items can be unbound directly with the unbinding tool, some need to go trough support.

They have a rule which I'm quoting (I got this from Service Center):

The value is greater than or equal to 2400 points,we need to use lvl150 unbinding tool.
The value less than 2400 points but higher than 400 points,we need to use lvl140 unbinding tool.
The value less than 400 points,we need to use lvl120

Although when I wanted to unbind Rabbit Charm which was worth 200 IM points, they asked me for 150 tool, which makes no sense and goes against their rules. So who knows what they're thinking, it seems to be dependent on who you run into in service center.

That's how it works these days. That's how IGG makes money.


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Posted on 2018-10-12 17:01:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

true and it was obvious with their replies that they want me to spend more and more money for unbinds which is unfair since i just want them to transfer some items from 1 of my chars to another.... ofcourse im not asking for free exchange.. would have to buy some special service packages for it... 

but asking same price asif im selling some of my gear, that is pure greed in my opinion

and i am SURE they do item transfer service... really being vip3 no longer servers for sh*t

Posted on 2018-10-13 06:27:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

The account you are referring has been shared quite a few times.
Best thing to do is not share your main account and your new account for maybe a month and it should resolved the ip issue.