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[Discussion] Update Help

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Posted on 2018-10-04 07:18:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Gamers,

i have a problem on updating my Client. ive tried server's 1,2,3 and poof. this error always shows up.

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Posted on 2018-10-04 07:40:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

You need to do a "manual" update to your client.

We are now on version 0.134

Go to the download page;

Either your client is old or an old file got corrupted. 

We no longer have patches for that file so just down load the whole client.

I suggest you go through your computer and manually delete any current VCO files, then clean your computer before downloading.  The auto remove program does not work for VCO.

- Ele

Posted on 2018-10-04 07:58:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

Make sure you add an exception to windows firewall.

Run it as administrator, maybe it doesn't have permissions to save the downloaded content to disk.

If none works, try deleting the game and installing in somewhere else, outside program files folder.

If everything above fails, then download the patches manually and update the game, as Ele pointed out.


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Posted on 2018-10-04 08:15:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

From the timeline thread;

Defence of Yizhou; Patch 123-124 (released next day as complete .124 install)  - June 6, 2017
Defence of Yizhou;

The initial announcement with patches for .123 and .124 was deleted and replaced by an announcement for a full install available of .124... Forum thread with original links: LINK
Level 170 introduced, New Equipment/ Gear, New instance, new treasure map system. Yizhou LAND instance introduced.

I tried clicking the patch links on that forum link page and they no longer work.
Currently the oldest PATCH showing on the IGG download page is for .126
and the oldest VERSION download showing is for 0.124
(so wouldn't do that since 125 patch is missing.... just go for the full 0.134 version download)

So maybe?  the .123 patch doesn't even exist at all anymore.

but try what DSOFA said in his post above first.

Posted on 2018-10-04 08:30:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks Xan for the Quick Response , these LINKS looks like my resolve, but these LINKS doesnt work anymore,

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Posted on 2018-10-04 19:07:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

Finished. Downloading, Finished Installing, The problem now is i cant log in, really confused.

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Posted on 2018-10-04 19:21:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

i use my email to log in on webpage, i tried to use it in-game but doesnt work

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Posted on 2018-10-04 19:26:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

i clicked the "Activate Other Games" probably i need to activate somethin.

now here is the confusing part,

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Posted on 2018-10-04 19:36:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

Try use your Account Name to login ingame. Account name is shown when you login on website  on the left side  as "user Name".

Edit: in fact should work with exact same data as you are using to login into this forum :D#


i think there was some issues with that activate stuff. My first tip would be try "freakinova" as account name ingame. If that does not work probably best would be make new Account for this game (just directly via VCO homepage) however if you wanna keep that account cause it is VIP or whatever maybe wait for help from Forum Mod or Funofking.

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Posted on 2018-10-05 04:08:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you look carefully when you sign into forum the account box it says it accepts "IGG account/Email"  that means your account name OR email will be accepted.

When you log into the game... IT DOES NOT SAY email!!  it is only Account name.

unfortunately none of the links given above are clickable... grrr
Checked the links above they are shorter incomplete versions of what I copy pasted below...
I hate how IGG coded the comments section... so links are not clickable.

I can tell from that top picture (mostly black background).. that you have not activated the game or something is not working correctly to activate game... because there is no name or numbers (zeros) in that top left brown double check # 5 and #6 below!!

I will copy past the list of stuff to check... it can also be found on the page;
IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info


If you have problems logging into the game read this first;

Things to check:  (just in case)

1) Do not use passwords or account name characters/letters that are not numbers or modern English alphabet letters.  (NO spaces, hyphens, dashes, asterisks, number signs, exclamation points, @ signs, $ sign etc...).

2) USE ONLY 4-14 characters for your account name (IGG Registration says 4-20, but more than 14 is not compatible with the VCO registration)

3) Do not use Yahoo mail ; you will not get the confirmation to activate account.  Yahoo security is bad or just terrible anyway they are getting sued for breaches - Do not use them EVER.

4) Make sure you can login onto this forum with broken account. Use the same credentials as you would for logging into the game;  Account /username and Password....NOT Email and Password.

5) Make sure you activate your account, both old or new accounts! (Log onto website with account that is not working after you click this link - double check account name in brown box top left is broken account name).

6) Make sure the game is activated; (it's a rather old page... not easy to find let us know if activation buttons still work): (Log onto linked web page with account that is not working after you click this link -there is a log off button or "sign in" depending on which page it takes you to..... you will have to re-paste address from below after signing in). 

To double check which account name you are logged onto click the "account management" link - account name is at top right... then click the back/back one page button on your browser.

For  #5 and #6 it is possible to be logged onto a different account here in the forum and be logged onto other accounts on either of these linked pages... so double check which account is logged in so you are certain you are looking at your broken account's information and not your main or other account's information.

7) click the link at top on page
"click here to activate this game".  You will be directed to registration pages.

8)  **March 2018 Bug..... hopefully its not happening again!**
If this is a new account; wait 15 minutes after activating accounts and game before trying to play the game.   Admin has reported that the new system has taken 10 minutes to activate an account.
BUT, we have reports that some accounts still will not activate.

This is if you are getting the no numbers at on your account info
try going to page: and see if your top left information box has numbers or not.
**This is how bug from March 2018 looked**
Broken account:

Working account:

If you have no numbers AND you have waited 30 minutes after doing everything above only Admin can activate your account.

9) (Other players have said) that if you fail to log into the GAME 5 times the game MAY freeze you out.
You have to wait 15 or 30 minutes to try again.
It does not tell you this... it just keeps failing your log in.

*Tried testing this (8/21/18) and I have done at least 6 incorrect log ins and have still been able to get in game.. so not sure if this is true.

Can someone else test this for confirmation?


You have 2 options:

1) Make a new post showing that your your numbers are missing (post a screen shot) or showing that your account is not activated somehow (will depend on your individual circumstances).

Post using your broken account so Admin knows the name of the account.

2) Try making a new account with a different email address.
This is a random bug... so you may luck out.  Try 2 or 3 times.
Please let us know if the problem continues ... this is a relatively new bug and we do not have many reports on it yet.


 If you have further problems:
1. Are you using a non standard English keyboard and what OS language are you using?
2. Can you login by inputting your username and password using the on-screen keyboard provided by the game?

3. Type carefully; I have noticed capital letters do not matter in your account name (game log in only).  But they DO matter in your password.
4. If you still  have problems try creating an account with only letters and numbers AND with out using the shift key.

Now, if none of the above worked....
just make a new character on a new account using a new email address.

China is in the middle of Golden week (vacation)... so I would not even bother trying to contact support unless this same thing happens to you 4 or more times.

- ele