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[Discussion] Think it is time to add Serpent Stone Fragments to daily tasks!

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One day Cpt Sparraw was walkin on the street. Suddenly he saw a pack on street. It was a nice and shiny pack but no one cares of it. Cpt Sparrow took the pack from ground and read the letters on it " IGG". that didnt mean anything to him. He opened the pack and found a wooden puppet in it. There was a blue button on the belly of puppet. when he pushed that button puppet started to scream as " WE are gonna fix it , we are gonna fix it soon" but he realized one thing. in every scream of pupet , the nose of puppet was getting bigger. Captain Jack laughed so much and he said" thank god only nose  is getting bigger, what if...? "

           A short story  for FoK .. you know he likes stories :D

What could be more serious where there is death?
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iff u continue like this then do us all favor and let snail take over vco like it did with BBO coz all its left is u take money  players and give nothing in return Are u and ur company proud?

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It's clear that the nose of puppet is a wallet .