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[Discussion] Think it is time to add Serpent Stone Fragments to daily tasks!

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Posted on 2018-09-26 05:10:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all! Think is time to add serpant fragment in daily feal free to write what you think about it , Fok can remove MO from big daily and add serpant fragment and mo can be only in low daily.;)

Posted on 2018-09-26 05:17:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Exelent idea . I like hard game but this game start to be too hard for some improvement.
Maybe is time to do something for players.

Posted on 2018-09-26 05:19:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

Definitley ! Drop rate should be, Blood rose(like OMO), add Lumi pearl fragments also(drop rate as moonstone), and Serpent fragments(like blood rose fragments are right now), that would be more than fair, it would still take years to collect the amounts needed(300+ serpent stones are needed for 168 set, we don't even have to speak about 170)
And in the upcoming patch we are getting 3 sets for sea so double ammount of everything needed...
SO it should be:
blood rose fragments amount 25---> very very often
Lumionous pearl fragments---> often
Serpent fragments--> rare(NOT ultra rare)

hope FoK listens us :)

Posted on 2018-09-26 07:26:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

yea that would be good, also in theory there has to be in game also the refined iron somewhere even small amount

Posted on 2018-09-26 07:48:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

well why would they do that? all they think of is IM (money money money)...

us middle classes in game cant even reach higher level with those little daily rewards.. its a struggle, also without teams to do higher level instances it's even more of a struggle..

and with an update patch coming soon i feel like even noobier xD

Posted on 2018-09-26 08:33:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

the daily task in past is prepared for lv140 - lv150 player.

Posted on 2018-09-26 09:34:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

daily in past what about daily for now :P

Posted on 2018-09-26 09:37:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Then perhaps it's time for a change after all.

Posted on 2018-09-26 11:03:01 | Show thread starter's posts only


The Defense of Yizhou patch has been released over a year ago. Its understandable that serpent stone fragments were limited on purpose so IGG could milk money out of players.

We lost so many players over the past year because of that move and if we wanna keep the rest that we have, we have to finally make them available on daily tasks.

It no longer makes any sense to keep them IM exclusive. It's enough that we have Refined Iron IM exclusive. Serpent Stones are a key ingredient for compounding equipment and it HAS to be available in game, right NOW.

So funofking, remove those original magnetic ores from high level daily tasks and add serpent stone fragments instead.


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Posted on 2018-09-26 11:19:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

I vote for serpants fragment in daily so comon FOK make us happy8-)