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[Discussion] if igg would have self respect would fire Mr snail

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Posted on 2018-07-10 00:22:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

For Long time  the game have not be evolved how is intended to be it become play lottery  to have good environment or to be efficient the sad part everything inside vco is gamble but gamble get brake by having multiple choices of combinations  more try less = less gamble probability works  my point is  what mrsnail can give or not give to try to increase the micro transactions that keep the game  a live.. lest start from beginning.


General release was small update bu substantial one that make player from having hard time killing boss to make the performance with minimal efforts. but it was a total gamble. tools more event that actually give help the player more option more tools to use. the result tons player quits. some come back but lots quit playing cause they didn't like the gamble and the tool was like half year away to be implement in game.

Yishou instance


Huge Patch missing so much details that are important to the game make most the community not enjoy that part the game cause missing npc quest that are part of the game is like playing incomplete version of the game and some ppl this game is demo of the Chinese version ofc you tend to say not we are our own version  when you see half content missing and than is added years later.

All we are asking for is more ways to add modification stones more of obtain stuff to make 165 gear pluss
more general manual  more glutch gold and more luminous pearls. make the game more playable for the one that are in it and that will push more micro transaction.

1st.... Dragon Max when there is not EURO Ares
2nd....Golden tower to lvl 80
3rd.... daily quest for yizhou bay
4th..... fix the prices on Im on certain items  make micro transaction more productive
5th ..... DO HUGE HOTSALE  every 3months where you can offer very limited  stuff for 165+player above 
where you can offer gold badge silver badge 45% discount with 3 days maximum to get your hands on.

Change the drops colorful clouds put some general manual, legendary general cards ,modification stone
Glutch gold ( take the colorful cloud out of the items code so ppl stop auto tracking to it)

Posted on 2018-07-10 05:50:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

nice post .. I can say +1 .. what about ship fusion guy in Tripoli ? it works only with 1k IM  but to be honest IGG has no respects for any1 includes themselves. every patch IGG wants to force players to IM.

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Posted on 2018-07-12 15:45:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

If IGG was to fire Mr. Snail , the DEVELOPER of VCO then IGG would not be able to provide the game VCO or any version of it as it is " owned " by Mr. Snail .
 I understand your frustrated , if I was involved heavy in game play as I was BEFORE , but stopped because I feel it has no end on rat wheel AND the bad service by Mr. Snail was destroying my accounts I have spent multiple thousand USD on and they do not care .
 They do not care because as a REP from Mr. Snail said to me , " you americans are rich but stupid , you will leave two will come and pay more " , I have no reason to do as you ask .
 This was in reguard to red bug and was a request suggested by IGG to get them to give the patch portion along with update that would " refresh " inventory , long before we got it but had existed for years . So with only one example of hundreds , I can show how I went from , " welcome friend " of SG rep ( IGG was angry to find out they talked to me because I am NOT an employee etc. so caused huge trouble for me but THEY sent me the e-mail ) .
 Being no fool  I  USED the connection to SG until like in IGG he vanished with no trace .
 The point being I quickly went from welcome friend to pain in ass . I have no love lost for SG , IF the game had not revived in ASIA with pvp trend , we would be gone and they would care less . This is the direction we were going . We are on life support because we act as CHEAP place holders for other games they may port to WEST . But having BBO now lowers us in priority to whale dung .
 Now this is a FACT , MR FUN has gotten Mr Snail to DO MUCH MORE than intended and held them with help to a CONTRACT they try to forget as much as possible . IGG has kept VCO going with begruging support from Snail as we have watched other titles drop dead and rot .
 I am thinking you are being sarcastic by suggesting " fire Mr Snail " , no snail no game period.

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Posted on 2018-07-12 19:49:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

Mr. Snail is the game developer.
One does not simply fire a developer of the game he paid for rights to host the game.

As stated previously, VCO brings less than 1% of the yearly IGG's income. There is no way in hell they would buy the game from Mr. Snail to continue developing it on their own. Firing them doesn't work cause not only they would get sued for breaching the contract, they would also doom our game as we would never receive any updates in the future.

So all we can do now is keep suggesting drop increases, better sales. You have some good points, all we can do is dream...


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Posted on 2018-07-13 00:01:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a dream.... that in 5 years everyone can get free 165 gear.....

there you go sofa :D

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